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posted on January 28th, 2017 by Lauren Murphy

Jasper Hill is a working dairy farm with an on-site creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The Cellars at Jasper hill is an underground aging facility located in Greensboro, VT. These cellars were constructed for the purpose of providing affinage, or aging expertise for local cheesemakers.  This facility ages soft ripened beauties to aged cheddars.


Bayley Hazen Blue

This is one of the first cheeses made in the Jasper Hill Creamery.  The recipe is based on a British natural rind blue.  Bayley Hazen Blue is made from raw cow milk and aged for 3 months.  The paste is dense and creamy and the usual peppery character of blue cheese is subdued, elevating the grassy, nutty flavors of the milk.  It has a toasted-nut sweetness, and anise spice character. This cheese is wonderful with a nice dark chocolate or the Boulevard Brewing Company’s Bourbon Barrel Quad.


Kinsman Ridge

This beautiful cheese is made to the traditions of French tommes like St. Nectaire.  Kinsman Ridge made from raw cow milk and is ripe at 3-4 months.  This is a semi-soft, tomme-style cheese with wonderful aromas of butter and cured meat.  While young, the wheels are washed with brine before a natural, mottled rind is cultivated.  During the aging process, the interior changes from smooth and firm to a more creamy consistency.  This cheese is rich, savory and floral.  Try pairing with Viognier or similar white wine, or Boulevard Brewing Company Tropical Pale Ale.



This is a Jasper Hill original.  The cheese gets its name from Anne Harbison, affectionately known as the grandmother of Greensboro.  This cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and it is ripe at 7-13 weeks. Harbison’s thick but spreadable paste balances rich, sweet-cream flavors with vegetal complexity.  Each wheel is wrapped with a strip of spruce cambium, or interior bark layer, harvested from Jasper Hill’s woodlot.  This adds woodsy nuance to the ripening cheese, it also holds this cheese together as it softens to a gooey texture when fully ripe.  When young, you can take the bark off and slice the cheese in portions.  As it ages, you need to keep the bark intact so it can hold the cheese together. This is beautifully paired with sparkling wine, crusty bread, and a fruit mostarda.


Alpha Tolman

This is another Jasper Hill original inspired by the classic Alpine cheeses of Europe.  While the cheese is made with raw cow’s milk, the curds are cooked and pressed to achieve a tight, elastic texture and robust, complex flavors. When young, the wheels are washed with a cultured brine to encourage a natural rind that gives it a funky depth of character. Mature wheels are bold and meaty with a caramelized onion flavor and crystalline texture.  This cheese is great for fondue, or melted onto a plate of potatoes.  Pair with a robust ale, plummy red wine and onion jam.



Made with pasteurized cow’s milk, this wash rind cheese is ripe at 5-8 weeks.  While the aroma’s of peat, roast beef and onions may be a little strong for some, the paste has a subtle milky, herbal, peachy flavor.  Willoughby has a thin layer of orange rind which adds an earthy dimension to both the texture and flavor.  Great with a rose’ and raw honey.

January 28th and 29th our demo team will be featuring these items.  Please come on by and taste these wonderful cheeses.



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