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posted on February 2nd, 2017 by Lauren Murphy

LaClare Farms is family owned and operated by Larry and Clara Hedrich & four of their five children in Wisconsin.  They began their journey in 1978 when they purchased a 22-acre farm to raise their five children. They began their dairy goat operation at this time as well, showing their goats throughout Wisconsin and Michigan for a few years.  In 1996 the opportunity to go commercial came up and the first load of goat milk was picked up in April of 1996.  The family milked over 100 goats for nine years before starting the Quality Dairy Goat Produces Co-op with another group of farmers.  The QDGPC has set the standard for quality milk across the US.  They have supplied LaClare Farms, Sartori Cheese, Carr Valley Cheese and LaLoos Ice Cream with goat milk.

Then the fun began… in 2008 looking to add value back to the farm through other avenues, Evalon cheese was born.  LaClare Farms won their first award with Evalon at the United States Champion Cheese contest.  At this time, their daughter Katie began to take an interest in cheese making.  She volunteered two days a week to help make Evalon. In 2009 Katie and her parents went to Holland on an educational tour and Katie fell in love with cheesemaking.  For the next few years Katie worked on perfecting Evalon and LaClare won Best of Show at the United States Champion Cheese contest. (out of 1,604 different cheeses!)

Since this time, three other children have joined the team and the family has moved to Chandoka Farms. In the winter of 2014, LaClare Farms was making cheese here on site full time.

We have the pleasure of stocking three items from LaClare Farms:

Evalon is crafted by an artisan cheesemaker and aged in curing cellars.  This is a Gouda-style cheese with hints of Asiago flavor and texture. Evalon shreds well, and is a perfect cooking cheese. Pairs well with fruity white or dessert wines and champagne.

Raw Goat Cheddar is made with whole raw goat milk and aged for over 60 days. It melts well, and can be used for burgers, macaroni and cheese or served on cheese plates.  Pairs well with fruity white wines, dry reds or champagne.

Goat Curds are made from whole pasteurized goat milk.  These are sweet, fruity curds and are great for snacking.  Try deep frying or melting into your favorite dish.  These can be kept in the freezer if needed.


Join us for some tastings!

Evalon will be featured in our cheese departments February 8th-14th.

Raw Goat Cheddar will be featured February 15th – 21st.






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