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The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

posted on February 15th, 2017 by Lauren Murphy

coconut oil usesCoconut oil is far more than just a trendy fad. You may know of a few uses for it, like using it as a replacement for olive oil in a pan or moisturizing your hair but it has an incredible amount of benefits in the kitchen, around the house, and in your beauty routine. We now sell Bristol Farms Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in a 16 oz or 32 oz jar.


  • Mix it with spoonful in coffee and mix together in a blender (better than stirring)
  • Coconut oil can withstand up to 450 degrees (100 degrees more than EVOO) so use it in a stirfry or when making sweet potato fries
  • Use it to grease cookie trays and cooking utensils
  • Add it to your smoothies

Around the house:

  • Use it to remove labels from jars or stickers from new purchases
  • Polish furniture
  • Remove rings from swollen fingers
  • .Fix squeaky hinges
  • Natural shoe shine


  • Hand cream
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Make a hair and face mask
  • Remove makeup
  • A natural shaving cream
  • .Stop bug bites from itching
  • Whiten teeth and clean your mouth through oil pulling

9 comments on “The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

  1. Carol Strauss says:

    what is oil pulling?

    1. dennis says:

      Swishing around your teeth, not unlike what you do with mouthwash.
      Very good for gums. kills bacteria.

    2. JP says:

      I read about oil pulling online. It sounds like a pain in the mouth as you have to gargle for 20 minutes straight. Supposedly the coconut oil “pulls” germs etc out of your mouth for detoxification… One tip I also read, don’t spit it down the drain or it will clog the pipes!

    3. christina says:

      You can use an oil like olive oil or coconut oil and you swish it back and forth from one side of your mouth to the other and the oil is supposed to pull debris between your teeth and up by the gum line, kinda like flossing .I forget how long you are supposed to swish so that you are getting the benefits of oil pulling .I tried it and it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I could barely do it for a minute before my jaws and cheeks were sore, kinda like when you laugh too hard. You are supposed to be able to go a little longer each time and build up the strength in your cheeks to swish longer each time. I tried it for a few weeks but decided to just keep flossing with dental floss.

  2. D says:

    You may want to check the email that says it keeps eggs fresher but isn’t listed above as far as I can see.

    1. Lauren Murphy says:

      Hi D,

      It’s actually for fresh eggs (not store bought) so I removed it from the article. But thank you for pointing it out!

  3. Dannie says:

    Yes- what is ‘oil pulling’ – thanks

  4. R. McCabe says:

    Would love to know what oil pulling is. Thanks.

  5. Dpoulso says:

    Can I use it in my out-board motor on my boat?

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