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1/2 Pies on Pi Day

posted on March 14th, 2017 by Lauren Murphy

March 14th is Pi Day and what better way to celebrate than $3 off our half pies!

Our fruit pies are made with natural ingredients and premium fruit. The flaky crust encases large slices and whole pieces of fruit. You will find that our pies are bursting with flavor since there is more fruit than slurry, which is the thickener that suspends the fruit in the pie. We believe that more fruit makes for a better tasting pie, but you can be the final judge on that.

Prices valid: March 14-17, 2017.

10 comments on “1/2 Pies on Pi Day

  1. Linda Trevillian says:

    What a lovely idea! I will be there right after work. Thanks so much, Bristol Farms. Great Pie-dea.

  2. Wendy Averill says:

    These pies are SO good. We love the peach & apple. In fact, we bought 1/2 a peach last week and just finished it last night. Guess we’ll need to pop over there today and get another one!

  3. Pam says:

    At the Manhattan Beach store there were NO pies. I was at the store at 10:00 a.m. Disappointed to say the least. And the lady behind the counter was not happy either when I asked her about the 1/2 pies.

    1. Sara Trujillo says:

      Hi Pam, we are sorry to hear that the store was short on pies. The sale will last through the 17th and the store will be happy to give you a 1/2 pie of your choice the next time you go in, even if it’s past the sale date.

  4. Diane edwards says:

    I love the cherry pie so I’m going for the sale. Yea

  5. The Moores says:

    Thank you Dan for all the hard work and to all the team effort that went into makin such great meals..
    The food was fabulous and delicious.
    I’m forever grateful
    Warm Thanks again!
    “The Moores”

  6. George Martinez says:

    George Martinez
    Loving the exceptional Bristol Farms Santa Monica …..

    And some of their most delightful products that make life more fun such as their extravagant and amazingly delicious apple pies, cherry pies and any other flavor.
    I’m happy!

  7. Marilyn Evert says:

    Marilyn Evert
    These pies are oozing with beautiful fruits..not to be missed!

  8. Brenda says:

    How early must I arrive
    Missed out AGAIN 🙁

    1. Sara Trujillo says:

      Hi Brenda, the bakers come in early in the morning to have them ready. The sale will last till the 17th while supplies last.

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