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Bristol Farms Red & White Selection #6

posted on May 16th, 2017 by Sara Trujillo

Bristol Farms Private Label Selection wines were launched several years ago for a couple of very good reasons – One, we wanted to become our own wine negociants, whereby we toss a wide net over various vineyard sources and isolate the highest quality “juice” possible. We then segregate these samples, taste them individually, and make a final blending judgement of what we deem to possess the best mouth feel, character, body and finish.

Secondly, we want to offer a fun and unpretentious wine that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis whether it’s a house wine or shared with friends and family for special occasions. We create these wines for both great taste and affordability. Our name is on the label so it’s paramount that you believe these wines, once tasted, over deliver for the price point. This is no easy task since we always aim high, but that’s part of the charm and anxiety of this task – we want every new Selection release to exceed your expectations.

Speaking of which, the next batch of Selection wines has landed! As an added tease, we have pushed the envelope on the choice of varietals and their percentages used in the final blend. Variety, it is said, is the spice of life
Selection #6 White is a mélange of grapes sourced from the California Central Coast – the crisp vibrancy of the Sauvignon Blanc bolsters the richness of the Chardonnay, all of which are lifted up by the firm body of the Grenache Blanc. The Viognier adds succulent spice notes and the Muscat teases the palate with just the right hint of sweet fruit nectar. This all adds up to a mouth feel redolent of tropical fruit, Meyer lemon, tangerine, honeydew melon, and spice. Due to its overall dry, yet rich character, this wine will match superbly with Asian cuisine, seafood and shellfish dishes, poultry, and mild cheeses. Enjoying a glass on its own is, of course, encouraged too.

Selection #6 Red is a bit more like a thoroughbred horse presently in the middle of a sustained cantor, but who looks ready to bolt into a full gallop. Its pedigree is as unique as it gets – Out the gate, the Tempranillo sets the pace with its dark cherry notes while the Merlot adds bright blueberry nuances. Petite Sirah kicks in bold blackberry flavors while the Cabernet Sauvignon bolsters the mid palate with tannin and black currants. The exotic Valdigue comes in at the finish bestowing red and blackberry compote-like fruit. All varietals hail from Paso Robles.

We are pleased to announce the release of Bristol Farms Private Selection #6 wines. We hope you enjoy them for all occasions.


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