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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Sugarfina!

posted on May 9th, 2017 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

Candy is most often enjoyed by kids – well, not anymore! Sugarfina is the producer of high-end imported sweets from chocolate & caramel to gummies and fruit, all made specifically for and loved by adults. The gorgeous colors and designs of these gem-like candies draw your attention, while the flavors cater to the most sophisticated of palates. Champagne Gummy Bears, made with Dom Perignon, is already a customer favorite in our stores.

Sugarfina started out in 2012 as an online only retailer of their high-end candies. They opened their first retail store in 2013 in Beverly Hills, and have since grown to a dozen locations, six of which are in California. The idea for the Sugarfina concept came on the founder’s third date during a screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They asked. “Why should children have all the fun?” They then went on a quest to find the ultimate candy for grownups!

Sugarfina’s premium candies are made with only the finest ingredients sourced directly from artisan candy makers all around the globe. The gummies are sourced from the Bavarian region of Germany where gummy bears were invented! My personal favorite is the Fruity Loops imported from Greece, which is a crispy cereal center covered in creamy milk chocolate, then dipped in a fruity candy shell. Just like your favorite breakfast cereal, these crunchy candies are a fruit lovers dream!

All the candies are neatly packaged and displayed in clear lucite candy boxes where you may select individual boxes, or pick up a complete bento box of a larger assortment.

The packaging is all so beautiful and a perfect gift to celebrate Mother’s Day. We encourage you to stop and take a look at our assortment of Sugarfina candies during your next visit to our stores. We are offering them for a limited time for special occasions. Happy Mother’s Day!


One comment on “Celebrate Mother’s Day with Sugarfina!

  1. George Martinez says:

    This is unmistakably a big deal! Bristol Farms Santa Monica is exceptional in many ways and Sugarfina products is one of them. What is there not to like?

    Poetry and music are good friends. Sugarfina and adventurous feeling are good friends.

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