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Leftover BBQ Recipe Ideas

posted on June 5th, 2017 by Leslie Thomas

Summer is in full swing – and we’re absolutely loving it. From sunny days at the beach to picnics at the park to backyard barbecues with our family and friends, we’re finding lots of reasons to eat well this season. Summer is also a time to relax a little more – and sometimes, that means finding shortcuts in the kitchen so that we can spend more time with those who matter most. So what’s the best cooking shortcut we can suggest?Taking full advantage of barbecue leftovers.

If you already enjoy grilling on the weekends, then why not grill a little extra so that you can eat well all week long? Here are some of our favorite barbecue leftover recipe ideas…

Barbecue Quesadillas: Simply slice up leftover steak, brisket, or chicken and evenly layer on one half of a large tortilla along with shredded Monterey Jack, green onions, and diced tomatoes. Spread a light layer of your favorite BBQ sauce on the other side, fold, and place on an oiled pan over medium heat. Cook for 1-2 minutes on each side, pressing down on the quesadilla with a spatula a few times.

Barbecue Flatbread: Just spread your favorite BBQ sauce on flatbread and top with finely chopped/pulled leftover meat and grilled veggies (or add fresh tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, etc.). Add a generous layer of your favorite cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, or until flatbread is crispy and cheese is melted.

Barbecue Lunch Burrito: Make work and school lunches a breeze! Combine chopped/pulled leftover BBQ chicken, steak, etc. with diced green chilies, tomato, red onion, and Pepper Jack cheese. Fold like a burrito and put under a sandwich press. Then, re-heat when ready to eat.

Barbecue Stuffed Potatoes: Saute green peppers , onions, and tomatoes, and mix with shredded cheddar and chopped/pulled leftover barbecue meat. Generously spoon on top of potatoes. Spoon sour cream and a sprinkle of green onions on top.

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