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Let’s Talk Peaches

posted on July 16th, 2017 by John Savidan

One of our favorite things about summer is that it means we’ve got an abundance of organic peaches in store for you. Our favorite stone fruit ranges in flavor from the super sweet and juicy to the tart and tangy. While eating them straight from the hand, with ice cream, or in a cobbler is always appropriate, we’ve found that peaches are remarkably versatile for all types of more savory summer dishes: salsas, chutneys salads, meat marinades, and more.

How to Pick the a Perfect Peach

Nothing’s more disappointing than biting into a bland peach. So how do you pick the best? Well, when you shop at Bristol Farms, you’re already halfway there. That’s because our farmers leave fruit on their trees two to three weeks longer than an average grower, which means the fruit’s sugar levels and maturity are at their absolute peak. Here are a few more perfect picking tips:

Good Scent
Pick up a peach and give it a sniff. Good peaches smell, well, good. Like a peach should!

Vibrant Color
Even more important than scent is color. Peaches should be rich in color over most of the fruit; stay away from peaches that have green tones.

The Right Touch
Give the peach a gentle squeeze near the tip. If it’s a bit soft, it’s ready to eat. Still firm? A crunchier peach might be great for a salad.

Peachy Keen Tips

Ever wonder how to skin a peach? Or cut perfectly sized wedges in a snap? Try some of our peachy tips to speed up your peach enjoying process.

Removing the fuzzy skin of a peach – Fuzzy skin becomes tough when cooked. To remove the skin, first cut a small x in the bottom of the peach, blanch in boiling water for one minute and then immediately plunge into ice cold water to cease the cooking process. The skin should easily slip off. Do not let them soak in the water.

Keep from browning – The flesh of peaches will darken when exposed to air. Stop the darkening process by dipping the cut pieces in a citrus juice, either diluted with water or full strength. For sweet dishes, you may prefer to use pineapple or orange juice as the acid rather than the more tart lemon or lime juice. For savory dishes, lemon or lime is usually the choice.

Adding to Cocktails – Enjoy vibrant peachy cocktails all summer long with fresh peach puree! First remove the skin of the peaches, cut in half and remove the seed. Add the peaches to a blender and puree until smooth. Press the peach puree through a fine sieve and into a bowl; discard the solids. Use the peach puree immediately, or freeze for use at a later time.

Stop by Bristol Farms produce department today to handpick your own basket of delicious peaches to take home and savor. For more information on peaches in store, visit this page.


6 comments on “Let’s Talk Peaches

  1. Lynda says:

    What a nice site to find! Thank you.

  2. Beatrice K. Rose says:

    Do I need a coupon for the peaches offer?

    1. Craig says:

      If you sign up to receive Bristol Farms emails, the coupon barcode is in your email.

  3. Peter S. says:

    This is the kind of website I have been looking for. What’s missing from most of the stores out there is no guide on how to pick, store and use the produce we purchase. Bravo, Bristol Farms! Bravo, and thanks!

  4. Eileen Bobbitt says:

    Looking forward to picking up some delicious peaches along with other goodies that I enjoy from Bristol Farms.

  5. Jennie Lea says:


    I’m used to your coupons and I don’t have a cell phone. What do I do?

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