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Life of a Hatch Chile – Stages & Uses

It all starts in the rich soil of the valley of Hatch, New Mexico, where the life of a Hatch Chile is born. After harvest in late July and August each year, the Hatch chile takes on a new life cycle, transitioning through stages in which spicy food enthusiasts can incorporate this wondrous pepper into every dish enjoyed throughout the year. From freshly harvested to roasted and pureed, below are the many stages the Hatch chile can go through, along with some tips on adding to some of your existing favorite dishes and some new.

Hatch Chile Life Cycle

  1. Fresh, Unroasted Whole Hatch Chiles – Typically bought in bulk for roasting at home. Roast whole, let cool, remove the skins, and freeze in storage bags for use in dishes throughout the year. When ready to use, simply remove from the freezer and allow to reach room temperature before preparing.
  2. Raw Chopped Hatch Chiles – Roasted Hatch chiles are a preferred flavor over fresh, yet you can add diced fresh Hatch chile to the cooking process of soups and rice for a subtle spicy kick without the roasted flavor. Hatch chiles are a great substitute for the jalapeno.
  3. Roasted Whole Hatch Chiles – It’s roasting time! Roast whole hatch chiles over an open flame for 2-3 minutes per side, remove skins, and stuff with cheese for a flavorful (and spicy) chile
    relleno. Also stuff whole chiles inside a burrito or enchilada for extra flavor.
  4. Roasted Hatch Chile Garnish – After roasting and removing skins, sliver and adorn a cheeseburger, pep up a grilled cheese, or add to create a spicy infused oil to be used throughout the year.
  5. Roasted Chopped Hatch Chiles – Our love for roasted hatch chiles knows no bounds! Add roasted diced hatch chiles to omelets, mac & cheese, chili, cornbread, and even desserts! The smoky, spicy hatch chile is a great complement to chocolate chip cookies.
  6. Roasted Pureed Hatch Chile – Puree roasted hatch chiles for sauces, dips, salad dressings, and more. We especially love it as a kicked up enchilada sauce.

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