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Wine Thursdays: Crescendo Limoncello & Crescendo Arancello (Orange)

Limoncello, the powerfully-lemon liqueur native to Italy’s Almalfi coast, when done right, is a ray of sunshine in a bottle. A cello (sounds like chello), in Italian, means liqueur. Crescendo Limoncello, unlike most others, is organic and hand crafted using unbleached natural sugar (bleached white sugar, on the other hand, imparts a chemical aftertaste, flattening the roundness of the lemons and also sharpening the bitterness). Crescendo’s Oregon Tilth-certified organic liqueurs have none of that. The natural sugar imparts a color more like juice than an artificial clear spirit. Produced with only certified organic ingredients, the results are the finest flavors. In the end you have a product with as low a sugar content as possible; a fruit forward citrus flavor that slaps the tongue like only natural flavors can; a premium alcohol base that amplifies the flavor; and of course fresh Pacific Northwest water all the way from Oregon’s Snowpack. Pour this mouthwatering elixir over ice cream or sponge cake; use them as a marinade or create your own cocktail; mix any liqueur with sparkling wine or water for a clean and refreshing drink.

Crescendo is a veteran owned and operated company. Started conceptually in 2013 it took the owners a little over a year to have their products on the shelves. Their main goal is to provide quality organic spirits to their customers and at the same time to promote local distilleries, healthy living, and socially responsible causes. Crescendo products are free of GMO’s and artificial ingredients.

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