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Indulge in the Good For You: 5 Food Shopping Tips For Resolution Success

For many of us, the new year means a fresh start and a clean slate. It means simplifying our lives, eating healthier, getting more active, and nixing bad habits. We’re here to help you stay on track too – from our smoothie and juice bar to an always fresh protein-packed poke bar, to our grab-and-go under 500 calorie meals that are full of the “good stuff” like quinoa and salmon, eating well doesn’t have to be boring or time-consuming.

Here are 5 simple and fool-proof tips for shopping our stores the health-conscious way, in 2018.

  1. Shop the perimeter of the store
    You’ve heard this tip many times before…and with good reason. It works! Shopping only the exterior of any market forces one to buy only the freshest ingredients – like produce, seafood, and those everyday dairy necessities like milk, yogurt, and butter. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever walk down the middle aisles! That would be almost impossible as you still need things like spices, rice, and household items like detergent and paper towels. But it does mean that the meals you’re going to be consuming should mostly come from those outside display cases in the store.
  2. When Starving in the Store, Eat! But Eat Wisely.
    It’s true that when you grocery shop on an empty stomach, you’re likely to buy lots of items you don’t actually need. Not only does this increase the price of your trip, but you’ll likley buy more items that aren’t very good for you. So next time this happens, simply push your cart over to our poke bar, sushi section, or even our grab-and-go case and get a quick snack or meal before you do any more shopping!
  3. Make Dinner Fun! Get Advice on Meats and Cooking Methods on the Unfamiliar!
    Just because you’re vowing to eat healthier doesn’t mean you have to eat foods that aren’t super flavorful. It also doesn’t mean that you have to eat the same thing everyday. Mix it up a little. Ask one of our butchers for lean meat suggestions and then get some help on cooking/recipe ideas.
  4. Always have a List
    Whether it’s on your phone or scribbled on the back of an old receipt, never walk into the store without a list in hand. Often times, when we shop without a list, our minds begin to wander and we’re more likely to buy things that seem tasty and wonderful only because we’re distracted. So unless you just need a bag of lemons or a container of Tide, make sure you’ve created a shopping list.
  5. Take advantage of Our Low-Calorie Meals and Juice Bar
    Did you know we have tons of delicious protein and fiber packed low-calorie meals in our grab-and-go area near the deli? These make for the perfect quick lunch and they’re made fresh daily so you can feel good about eating them. If you’re ever in a total rush and need to eat something while you shop, most of our stores have juice bars where you can get fresh pressed juices and custom protein smoothies too!

One comment on “Indulge in the Good For You: 5 Food Shopping Tips For Resolution Success

  1. Pamela says:

    I have never shopped for prepped food as I always cook daily but your ready made is hard to resist. And so beautiful presented!

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