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Here’s Your Summertime Grilling Guide

posted on June 18th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Although we’ve been experiencing some of that sweet SoCal  sunshine for a few weeks now, tomorrow is the official start of summertime. So if you haven’t already, it is due time you light up the grill and load it up with all of your friends’ and family’s favorites! And whether you’re feeding a bunch of burger lovin’ buddies, steak connoisseurs, or a crowd of health nuts at your various summer gatherings, we’ve got you covered with the best of best when it comes to outdoor grilling.

Here’s our guide for all things grilled for your Summertime shindigs…

Steak for a Crowd: Bristol Farms’ Very Own Big Time Tri-tip
If you’re feeding a crowd, and you’re set on grilling up some steak, think no further than our Big Time Tri-tip. Easy on your wallet, this juicy and tender USDA choice natural cut is marinated in our Big Time marinade for 24 hours, locking in perfectly smokey, peppery, and sweet flavors. This marinade is locally made and hand-crafted especially for our tri-tip too (but we love it on everything)! For more info on our Big Time Tri-tip, click here.

Ready-to-Grill Veggie, Chicken, and Beef Kabobs
For those friends and family members who are all about healthy eating, we have a solution: our fully prepared BBQ entrees like veggie, chicken, and beef kabobs. These can be found in our butcher’s case and come just lightly marinated and ready to throw on the grill. The great thing about these prepared kabobs is that you can still focus your culinary efforts on steak and/or burgers for the rest of your company.

Ultimate Burgers
Burgers are a fool-proof summer BBQ classic. And with just a few easy tips and tricks of the trade, they’re pretty hard to mess up. We suggest buying 80/20 (that’s 20% fat) ground chuck and not to overlook the importance of a good bun, cheese, and only a few delicious toppings. For our Ultimate Burger Guide (that includes tips and topping inspo), click here.

Grilling Vegetables
Don’t forget about your veggie friends! Portobellos make excellent burger substitutes thanks to their meaty texture and they hold up very well on the grill when just lightly brushed with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. We also love grilled eggplant as another meat-free option that tastes great on a bun. And if you’re just looking for some awesome veggies as sides to your burgers or steak, our corn-on-the-cob is looking vibrant and tasting sweeter than ever this year!

The Best Grilled Fish
Want to serve up something unexpected and yet, oh-so special? How about grilled halibut served up on one of our brioche buns with a Sriracha spiked tartar sauce, thinly sliced red onion, and slaw? Or – check out our current very limited supply of Copper River Salmon – the very best salmon you’ve ever tasted in your life? Grill it and serve alongside grilled zucchini and tomato skewers with some lemon-y rice. For more info on Copper River Salmon, click here.

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