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Hatch is Back in our Bakery

If you haven’t visited our store in the last week or so, you might not realize that we are smack dab in the middle of one our favorite seasons of the entire year, Hatch Chile season! To celebrate our favorite little pepper, our Bakery is proud to serve you with our famous Hatch Chile Cornbread, […]

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Handcrafted Peach Tarts for Summer

What’s your favorite summer memory? One of mine is sitting around munching on summer fruit at the beach or by the pool. I love cold fruit on a hot day. Summertime brings about some of the best fruit of the year; cherries, berries, mango, grapes, kiwi, and peaches. Of all the fruits available this season, […]

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Living in Southern California, it would almost be sacrilegious to not love Mexican food, and nearly impossible to avoid Cinco de Mayo celebrations all around. So we invite you to celebrate with Bristol Farms and pick up all the necessary (and delicious) items to make your Cinco de Mayo meal complete from scratch. The first […]

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BFree – Be Wheat & Gluten-Free

If you have allergies to wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy, you really should to check out our selection of BFree allergen-free bread and wraps on shelves now! BFree is free of all major allergens and still manages to taste great! Perfect for health-conscious eaters and vegans too. You can find breads, rolls, bagels, and […]

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Break Bread for Earth Day

Earth Day 1970 was originally focused on environmental concerns, and while it still focuses on concerns it has also become a day to recognize all the efforts that have been made to protect our environment. It has become a celebration of our Earth. This is a time to celebrate a simpler lifestyle which reduces the […]

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New! Bakerly Sweet Pastry Snacks

When it comes to buying delicious, healthy snacks for your family, Bristol Farms has you covered. In an effort to raise the ingredient standards in our stores, we are diligently seeking recipes and products that you can feel good about sharing with your loved ones. We are proud to introduce Bakerly Mini Chocolate Croissants and […]

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Sweet & Petite Cake Pops!

Cake pops started out as a way to use up the leftovers from making a cake. Taking crumbs or pieces of cake they are combined with buttercream and formed into a ball. Next they are put on a stick and dipped into a coating. Cake pop decorating ranges from simple with just a drizzle of […]

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Irish Soda Bread

Serve up a slice of the Emerald Isle this St. Patrick’s Day with Bristol’s Own Irish Soda Bread! Irish Soda Bread was a traditional staple in Irish households, or farms to be correct. Since these homes were isolated and spread out, they had their own hearths for baking, and being a poor country, they ate […]

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Buttery, Flaky, Mini Croissants

The Croissant (Kraw-san), is the most beloved breakfast item we have received from the French. They are flaky on the outside and doughy on the inside with a buttery deliciousness that is hard to top. Croissants are made by layering dough and butter together, which is called laminating. This is what contributes to the unique […]

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Treats for your Sweet

Is there any better way to say ‘I Love You’ than to give your loved ones sweet treats from Bristol Farms’ Bakery? We think not! We have everything to make you the superstar this Valentine’s Day weekend. For starters, our BOGO Macarons are a heck of a deal! Our red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chunk cookies, […]

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