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Sometimes Half (Pie) is Better

posted on September 6th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

Have you ever been stuck between pie flavors? Your family wants peach, but you prefer cherry and you cannot seem to justify buying two whole pies. Well, we're here to tell you that half pies are the answer to your problem! Our half pies are just the right size to satisfy everyone's preference for pie without the guilty feeling of overbuying and having a ton of leftovers. We think you are going to simply fall in love with our all natural half fruit pies. Our fruit pies are made with natural ingredients and premium fruit. The flaky crust encases large slices and whole pieces of fruit. You will find that our pies are bursting with flavor since there is more fruit than slurry, which is the thickener that suspends the fruit in the pie. We believe that more fruit makes for a better tasting pie, but you can be the final judge on that. Our half pies are available in a variety of scrumptious flavors: Bye Bye Blueberry, Just Peachy, Cheery Cherry, Sweet Cinnamon Apple, Double Dutch… Read More

Handcrafted Peach Tarts for Summer

posted on July 13th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

What’s your favorite summer memory? One of mine is sitting around munching on summer fruit at the beach or by the pool. I love cold fruit on a hot day. Summertime brings about some of the best fruit of the year; cherries, berries, mango, grapes, kiwi, and peaches. Of all the fruits available this season, peaches have to be one of the sweetest treats. The range of flavor from tart to sweet with the varying colors never ceases to amaze me. Is there a more perfect fruit to represent summer? We have 4” and 8” seasonal fruit tarts available all year long, but this summer we are stoked to bring you our 8” Fresh Peach Tart that’s made with the sweetness of both yellow and white peaches layered in a beautiful design you will be proud to serve. We take a vanilla cream filled buttery tart shell and top it with alternating super sweet white and yellow peach slices. We then use a light glaze to help keep the peaches from turning. The tart is gorgeous and will decorate any table… Read More

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

posted on May 4th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

Living in Southern California, it would almost be sacrilegious to not love Mexican food, and nearly impossible to avoid Cinco de Mayo celebrations all around. So we invite you to celebrate with Bristol Farms and pick up all the necessary (and delicious) items to make your Cinco de Mayo meal complete from scratch. The first stop should be to our Meat Department to grab something for your grill - my favorite is our Carne Asada. Tender, full of flavor, and on sale for $8.99 lb (save $4.00) thru May 5! Then onto our Deli for freshly made guacamole, salsa, and Chili Con Queso. Next you’re onto produce for avocados, limes, tomatoes, and lettuce. Stop by the inner aisles for chips, hot sauce, and soda. Don’t forget the cheese to make quesadillas for the little ones, and sour cream too for dipping! What celebration is complete without the booze? We have a full line-up of Mexican beer and tequila - there's even a great deal on Sauza Silver or Gold Tequila for the holiday, and you can… Read More

BFree – Be Wheat & Gluten‑Free

posted on April 26th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

If you have allergies to wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy, you really should to check out our selection of BFree allergen-free bread and wraps on shelves now! BFree is free of all major allergens and still manages to taste great! Perfect for health-conscious eaters and vegans too. You can find breads, rolls, bagels, and wraps by BFree in multiple flavors. My favorites are the wraps. They are flexible, unlike many competitors wraps, and full of flavor. You can serve them with sweet or savory fillings. At 100 calories each, you can have a few and feel like you are splurging. Here is one of my favorite recipes to make with the BFree wraps. Chicken Quesadillas with BFree Multigrain Wraps Ingredients: 2 Chicken Breasts Diced Fajita Seasoning 2 Diced Peppers 1 pk grated cheese (white or yellow) 1 Onion diced 1 Clove garlic, crushed 2 Large tomatoes, diced 4 BFree Multigrain Wraps Non-stick spray Method: Cook chicken thoroughly Saute onions, garlic and peppers until soft Add… Read More

Break Bread for Earth Day

posted on April 20th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

Earth Day 1970 was originally focused on environmental concerns, and while it still focuses on concerns it has also become a day to recognize all the efforts that have been made to protect our environment. It has become a celebration of our Earth. This is a time to celebrate a simpler lifestyle which reduces the foot print we will leave for future generations. When there is a celebration, there should be food. Earth Day is a reason to break bread. In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to call your attention to our delicious line of artisan breads. From Sourdough to Kalamata Green Olive, we have the best breads for sandwiches, dipping, toast, and appetizers. Visit your Bakery at Bristol Farms this week and grab a few loaves of bread to celebrate Earth Day Read More

New! Bakerly Sweet Pastry Snacks

posted on April 12th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

When it comes to buying delicious, healthy snacks for your family, Bristol Farms has you covered. In an effort to raise the ingredient standards in our stores, we are diligently seeking recipes and products that you can feel good about sharing with your loved ones. We are proud to introduce Bakerly Mini Chocolate Croissants and Mini Chocolate Brioche. Both items are available in individually wrapped 6 count packages. They are perfect to put into your child’s lunch, for an after school snack, or for yourself when you feel that mid-morning pang in your tummy. Bakerly Mini Chocolate Croissants and Mini Chocolate Brioche are the #1 snack in France. We think they will quickly become the #1 snack here as well. Bakerly products are Non-GMO verified, made with real butter, free of artificial flavor or color, free of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and taste amazing! Stop by our Bakery today and treat yourself to some happy snacking! Read More

Sweet & Petite Cake Pops!

posted on March 24th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

Cake pops started out as a way to use up the leftovers from making a cake. Taking crumbs or pieces of cake they are combined with buttercream and formed into a ball. Next they are put on a stick and dipped into a coating. Cake pop decorating ranges from simple with just a drizzle of color, to fancier shapes and figures that are very appealing for holidays and parties. Cake Pops are popular amongst kids because they are cute and taste great. Since they are small bites they are great treats for the little ones. Adults are gravitating more and more toward cake pops for the variety of flavors and the beautiful presentation. Cake pops are a fantastic way to dress up a dessert table for parties. Their size helps adults feel less guilty for indulging in sweets without taking in all the calories. At Bristol Farms, we make our cake pops from the traditional method of cake and buttercream. We have Classic Cake Pops which are simply drizzled with chocolate and we make Custom Cake Pops that are… Read More

Irish Soda Bread

posted on March 11th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

Serve up a slice of the Emerald Isle this St. Patrick’s Day with Bristol's Own Irish Soda Bread! Irish Soda Bread was a traditional staple in Irish households, or farms to be correct. Since these homes were isolated and spread out, they had their own hearths for baking, and being a poor country, they ate bread with every meal. The hearth method of baking created a tender and dense bread with a hard crust and a slight twang in flavor. The Irish Soda Bread of today has been enhanced to have a slightly sweet flavor and it has raisins in it. Warm it up, slap some traditional Irish Kerrygold butter on it and you have a meal! At Bristol Farms we believe Irish Soda Bread to be an everyday item and you can find it in most of our locations. If you are like me though, sometimes if you see it every day you may not realize just how special it is. I can remember the first time I tried our Irish soda bread - I was a cashier at our Newport Beach store for a few years, but didn’t think this… Read More

Buttery, Flaky, Mini Croissants

posted on February 18th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

The Croissant (Kraw-san), is the most beloved breakfast item we have received from the French. They are flaky on the outside and doughy on the inside with a buttery deliciousness that is hard to top. Croissants are made by layering dough and butter together, which is called laminating. This is what contributes to the unique texture that makes it utterly delicious. If you've never tried a croissant, trust us - it's tough to resist a buttery, flaky, flavorful croissant. Our Bakery offers products made with only the best ingredients available, which also holds true for our croissants. We can't wait for you to try these perfect breakfast pastries - we promise that you will be just as excited as us. We offer both large and mini croissants and (lucky for you) our multipack mini croissants are on sale through March 1, 2016. So if you’ve been tempted, but didn’t want to face the guilt, you can grab a multipack of mini croissants and find out what we are talking about! Croissants make… Read More

Treats for your Sweet

posted on February 12th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

Is there any better way to say 'I Love You' than to give your loved ones sweet treats from Bristol Farms' Bakery? We think not! We have everything to make you the superstar this Valentine’s Day weekend. For starters, our BOGO Macarons are a heck of a deal! Our red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chunk cookies, heart-shaped cheesecakes, and even chocolate dipped strawberries will save the day. You are sure to find something delectable for your sweetheart. Keep in mind this holiday isn’t only for lovers. You might make someone’s day with a thoughtful, unexpected gift. We have treats for dads, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and teachers. Please don’t forget yourself. If you are celebrating your singleness, then you definitely deserve something sweet. Visit our Bakery all weekend long to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. We look forward to seeing you, and we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Read More

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