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Super Bowl Catering

The sound of Peyton Manning barking “Omaha! Omaha!” is picked up by a tiny microphone in an offensive lineman’s pads so it can be broadcast to the world.  In an age of enormous high-definition televisions and games streamed to tablets and smartphones, audio seems almost quaint. Yet TV executives have made it a major focus […]

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New Year’s Reflections

Looking back on the months that have gone by, as a new year starts and an old one ends, we contemplate what brought us joy and we think of our loved ones and our friends. Recalling all the happy times, remembering how they enriched our lives, we reflect upon who really counts as the fresh […]

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Holiday Fare Celebration!

Let Bristol Farms do the cooking for your December holiday meals! Every year, Bristol Farms offers a bountiful and delicious holiday meal for its customers during the entire holiday season and while a great majority of our customers are very familiar with our offering, some may have never had the opportunity to try the variety […]

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Holiday Brunch from Bristol Farms Catering

Christmas morning is so wonderful….coffee, pajamas, and excitement in the air.  After the presents are opened, it is time to start preparing the big meal for the day BUT everyone already has an appetite.  Why not make it easy and yummy at the same time?  If you pick up a brunch from Bristol Farms catering […]

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Spooky Halloween Catering

Growing up, my sister and I were filled with excitement to pull the great, big “Halloween Box” down, filled with decorations and costume to add a little bit of spirit into the holiday. She and I always dressed in the same costume  every single year for Halloween; we would dress as the people of Romani […]

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Football Tailgating Season is Here!

The beautiful Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California A national historic landmark built in 1922 and known mainly for the New Year’s Tournament of Roses Football Game, the Rose Bowl Stadium has also earned its World-Class Reputation by hosting five NFL Super Bowl Games, the 1984 Olympic Soccer Matches, the 1994 Men’s World Cup, the 1999 […]

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Bristol Farms Caters with Sugarcane Plates

What could possibly be better than Bristol Farms Catering?  Knowing that Bristol Farms is catering your event not only with the best quality ingredients but serving on stylish COMPOSTABLE disposable square plates made of Sugarcane.  Sugarcane is a rapidly renewable resource, sugar cane fiber products are BPI certified compostable, they meet ASTM standards for compostability, […]

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Happy Mother’s Day From Bristol Farms Catering

Happy Mother’s Day means more than just “have a happy day.” Within these words lie a lot of things we never get to say. It means I love you first of all, then thanks for all you do. It means you mean a lot to me and that I honor you. But most of all, […]

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Easter is Best Spent with Family

Want to know how I enjoy my Easter holiday? With an Easter egg hunt for my grown children! There’s nothing I love more than watching my “twenty something” year-old children run around with an empty bucket looking for eggs all around the perimeter of our home.  I am so joyous when this is taking place […]

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Bristol Catering Visits KLOS!

Heidi, Frank ,and Denise? So who do you think went over to the KLOS Studios today to feed Heidi and Frank some good Irish food? Our very own Denise Bussjaeger from Bristol Farms Westwood Catering Department! She is our KLOS guru now and people love to see her pull up in her catering van ………. […]

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