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Say Cheese

posted on January 18th, 2017 by Lauren Murphy

Our fourth annual “Say Cheese” celebration starts January 25, 2017. Bristol Farms Cheese department has over 350 varieties of cheese to choose from.  Our buyer searches high and low for unique artisanal cheeses, bringing you an assortment unmatched by anyone else. With an assortment like this, it can be quite overwhelming when you arrive at the cheese counter.  We have the best Cheese Specialists in the world, there to help you find that perfect item. These cheeses in particular pair up nicely with beer. In store we will be offering tastings and pairing demonstrations with Boulevard and Ballast Point Brewery. Look for events at your local Bristol Farms! Read More

Cheese of The Month: Carr Valley Chipotle Cranberry Cheddar

posted on December 1st, 2016 by Lauren Murphy

Carr Valley Chipotle Cranberry Cheddar is a white cheddar that has cranberries and chipotle peppers throughout. This brings the taste of a Texas barbecue to with every bite. Carr Valley starts with a mild cheddar, adding a tinge of sweetness from the cranberries.  This cheese will then heats up and have a smoky finish with the inclusion of chipotle peppers. It is a great cheese will slice, cube and also shreds well. It may be slightly crumbly, but melts beautifully. Perfect Pairings with a lager beer or tequila Hand crafted cheddar by a Master Cheesemaker in Wisconsin Read More

Cheese of the Month: 5 Years Aged Gouda

posted on November 1st, 2016 by Carl Smith

For centuries cheese makers of the Netherlands have been recognized for their commitment to quality, purity, texture and taste. This reserve Gouda is traditionally aged for 5 years on wooden shelves. It has a hard texture and smells sweet, rich and ripe. Full flavored, burnt caramel, salty and sweet with a hint of butterscotch. Pairs well with Red wine blends, Cabernet Sauvignon, and beer. The flavor of Aged Gouda gets a new definition when it is paired with some white wines and any fruity wine. Also tastes great with fresh or dried figs, crunchy whole grain mustard, and meats Read More

Bristol’s Cheese Spreads

posted on October 30th, 2016 by Carl Smith

Autumn time is here and time for parties and Fall get-togethers. Spread some good taste with something new for these social affairs. Try our delicious cheese spreads in our cheese department. Made right here starting with cream cheese, we have created somewhat familiar, yet unique flavor combinations for your consideration: Pimento Cheddar – Rich cheddar is paired with the slightly sweet and subtle spice of pimento peppers. Gouda & Pecan – Smoky Gouda cheese, mild shallots, and roasted pecans marry up for this unique spread. BLT – Bacon makes anything better, right? The classic flavor of a BLT is captured in this savory spread with a unique twist of fresh dill and scallion Read More

Aged Piave

posted on October 3rd, 2016 by Carl Smith

Piave is a magnificent cheese from Italy’s north-eastern Alps. It is a cousin to Parmigiano Reggiano, however, it is more versatile than Parmigiano. Like Parmigiano Reggiano it is prepared from cow’s milk and from two “milkings”. The cows are first milked in the evening and the milk rests overnight, the cream rises to the top and is skimmed. The morning milk is whole milk and is mixed with the evening milk. Piave has a much shorter aging process than its cousin Parmigiano-Regiano and is much smaller, the cheese goes through 3 different periods of ageing, producing three different varieties of Piave. We offer two types of Piave: Piave Mezzo:  aged 6 months, is a creamy, sweet young cheese with a hint of complexity from nutty to floral flavors. Piave Vecchio: aged 12 months, is an extra-aged cheese that beginning to mature, it is sweet but with a bite to the tongue than is pleasantly intense. The young and semi-aged cheese will give better results sauté… Read More

Wyke Farms’ Smoked Farmhouse Cheddar

posted on September 21st, 2016 by Carl Smith

Wyke Farms’ award-winning Extra Mature Cheddar is matured for around 12 months and then oak-smoked in a traditional smokehouse for 16 hours to attain a full, rounded flavor. The oak wood chips are soaked with Thatchers Heritage Cider to produce a deep rich cheddar with an applewood-smoked flavor and hints of sweet cider. “Our smoked Cheddar brings together innovation and tradition to produce a cheese like no other, achieved with over 150 years of experience,” said Richard Clothier, third generation family member and MD, Wyke Farms. “Our family here at Wyke Farms stays true to our award-winning recipe but uses creativity to be able to satisfy trends in customer demand.” Read More

Bristol Farms Red Wax Gouda

posted on September 21st, 2016 by Carl Smith

Gouda; pronounced “How-da” by the Dutch locals, is an orange cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, accounting for 50 to 60 percent of the world's cheese consumption. Gouda is dried for a few days before being coated with a red wax to prevent it from drying out, then it is aged. Depending on age classification, it can be aged a number of weeks to over seven years before it is ready to be eaten. Bristol Farms Red Wax Gouda is made exclusively by Beemster Dutch Cheese Co.  The cheese is young by Beemster standards; being aged just two months. The cheese has a mild, nut-like flavor and a creamy texture. It is especially good with red wine, beer, and dark breads, but don’t count it out for topping a burger, cubing in salads, or adding to a cheese platter Read More

Cheese of the Month – Omorro Azores

posted on September 6th, 2016 by Carl Smith

We’re excited to introduce you to our latest delicious cheese find from the Faial Island in Portugal. Omorro Azores, also known as Omorro Amanteigado, is torta-style cheese (served as a centerpiece for sharing) made from cow’s milk, which differentiates it from the sheep and goat's milk varieties found on the mainland. Like many Portuguese cheeses, it is made using vegetarian rennet, which gives the cheese pronounced vegetal notes. It is very creamy, buttery, and unctuous with a slight tang. This type of cheese is traditionally displayed by slicing and removing the whole top rind allowing guests to enjoy its creamy, gooey paste spread onto fresh bread. Simply divine! The cheese-maker, Rui Caldeira, is aided by his fiancée, Ana Marisa; his brother, Nuno; and his wife, Maria, at their dairy located near the natural reserve of Morro del Castelo Branco. They have been making cheese only since 2012 but have an extraordinary aptitude for it. They collect milk from local farms… Read More

Beemster Hatch Pepper Cheese

posted on August 23rd, 2016 by Carl Smith

Calling all Hatch Chile-Heads! It's time to add another check mark to your Hatch cheese discovery list. We first introduced you to our Hatch Pepper Cheddar, and now we're proud to offer its spicy, sweet sister from the Netherlands, Beemster Hatch Pepper Cheese. Beemster Hatch Pepper Cheese is a spicy yet deliciously creamy Gouda cheese that gets its peppery kick from hatch chiles which vary in heat from subtle to fiery hot. Don’t be scared, though; this sweet and creamy cheese takes you close to the fire without getting burned. We like to tame some of the flames with a sweetened accompanied fruit jelly or spread, such as Dalmatia Fig Spread. Serving Ideas This is a great melting cheese, so add it to beans & rice, tacos, nachos, and fajitas. You can also spice up a routine turkey sandwich or create a Southwestern burger with a few slices of avocado. Beverage Pairings Pair with white wines and beers known for citrus notes and crisp acidity, or red wines that are full-bodied… Read More

Cheese of the Month – Hatch Cheddar Cheese!

posted on August 4th, 2016 by Carl Smith

Hatch Chile season is here! Each year, we celebrate this delicious pepper through live roasts, delicious recipes, and pure excitement from our team members and customers alike. To add to the celebration, our Cheese Shoppes are proud to offer our own Bristol Farms Hatch Cheddar Cheese. Our Hatch cheddar is an aged creamy white cheddar with flecks of real authentic Hatch chile peppers from Hatch, New Mexico. It is a nice balance of an aged smooth cheddar with a subtle bite from the smoky, spicy Hatch peppers. Our Hatch cheddar cheese makes an ultimate grilled cheese, quesadilla, enchilada, cheeseburger, and more. One of our favorite uses is finely grating the cheese into a recipe for homemade mac and cheese! The possibilities are endless! Enjoy our recipe below for Hatch Cheddar Mac and Cheese and catch our Hatch cheddar in store while it's available for a limited time. Hatch Cheddar Mac and Cheese Ingredients: 2 cups uncooked macaroni noodles 1/2 cup butter, melted 1/4 cup flour 2… Read More

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