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Cheese of the Month – Fromager d’Affinois with Garlic & Herbs

Fromager d’Affinois is one of the top selling cheeses in the US for very good reason. The renowned Guilloteau Dairy in the French Rhone-Alps takes traditional Brie production, and with their innovative ultra-filtration process, gives their brie-style cheese the texture of a triple crème – so creamy, silky, and luscious. This additional step of filtering […]

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Cheese of the Month – Il Forteto Pecorino Tuscano DOP

Our cheese of the month for June comes all the way from Italy! Produced by artisan cheese makers located in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany, Il Forteto Pecorino Toscano DOP is made with aromatic sheep’s milk that comes from the area of Grosseto. Il Forteto Pecorino Toscano DOP (“Protected Designation of Origin […]

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Discover Orne Meadows Cheddar

Take a visit to our cheese departments and discover a new favorite cheese! Orne Meadows Cheddar from Cabot Creamery is a a Vermont original cheese, and another Founders’ Collection cheese from Cabot Creamery. It is made in the original style of the cheese makers who founded Cabot Creamery way back in 1919. This cheese offers […]

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The Ultimate in Burger Cheese – Castello® Burger Blue

It’s grilling season, and burgers are a must-enjoy. Nothing goes better on a burger than a slice of gooey, melted cheese, and if you’re like me, then you understand my love for pairing the tang of blue cheese with burgers and steaks. Typically, blue cheese is crumbled atop your choice of meat, but now there […]

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May Cheese of the Month –
Cabot Creamery Lamberton Cheddar

We are proud to present Cabot Founders’ Collection Lamberton Cheddar as Bristol Farms’ Cheese of the Month for May. The Founders’ Collection cheese is made in the original style of the cheese makers who founded Cabot in 1919. Lamberton Cheddar is a British-style cheddar cheese. This cheddar boasts caramelized notes and a buttery bite. This […]

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The French Cheese Club

As the French would say “J’adore le fromage!” Its English translation means “I love cheese,” and we couldn’t agree more. What would the world be without cheese? Probably pretty sad. Without a doubt, some the best varieties of cheese are made in France. Like wine, the French have made cheese-making an art. Here are a […]

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Cheese of the Month – Edel Suisse

The Bernese Alps is a legendary region in Switzerland, where folkloric traditions continue to uphold against a backdrop of stunning mountainscapes. Cows graze in these rich, lush pastures, which provides the creamy milk used to produce this traditional semi-hard cheese. Edel Suisse is an artisan product made with traditional methods. Mildly sweet and slightly spicy, […]

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Hook’s Triple Play Cheese

Listen up cheese lovers! Get to know Hook’s Triple Play cheese – a very unique three milk blend cheese using sheep, cow, and goat milk. This cheese is made with three different starter cultures to achieve the most intriguing flavor profile. Triple Play is a semi-firm cheese and has the consistency and look of block […]

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Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s Green Cheese

This St. Patrick’s Day, Bristol Farms is featuring a number of great Irish, or St. Paddy’s Day, inspired cheeses from our cheese shops, such as our Tipperary Irish Cheddar, Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese, and Oscar Wilde Aged Irish Cheddar. But, we invite you to discover a cheese that won’t be playing second fiddle; Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s […]

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Cheese of the Month – Mango Fire Cheddar!

Mango Fire Cheddar is made in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy land, near Kiel Wisconsin by Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese company.  Henning’s was started in 1914 by Otto and Norma Henning who devoted their lives to producing quality cheese.  Henning’s gets their milk from small local farmers who pasture feed their cows along with feeding them […]

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