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Cheese of the Month – Mango Fire Cheddar!

Mango Fire Cheddar is made in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy land, near Kiel Wisconsin by Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese company.  Henning’s was started in 1914 by Otto and Norma Henning who devoted their lives to producing quality cheese.  Henning’s gets their milk from small local farmers who pasture feed their cows along with feeding them [...]

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Di Bruno Bros Handmade Cheese Spreads

Since opening their doors in 1939, the Di Bruno Bros. has cultivated a tradition of culinary pioneering by providing customers with the finest gourmet foods.   Di Bruno Bros. family recipe cheese spreads are no exception. With flavor profiles that appeal to all palates, they make great additions to any antipasti dish or platter. They [...]

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Rogue Creamery – Cheese of the Month

Inspired by a sense of place for 80 years, Rogue Creamery draws from the beauty and flavors of Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley to create handcrafted cheeses. The certified sustainable whole milk they use to make distinctive varieties of cheeses comes from Rogue Creamery’s exclusive dairy along the banks of the rugged and scenic Rogue [...]

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Introducing Red Fox Cheddar

Red Fox Cheddar is handmade at Belton Farm where cheesemakers use a unique recipe that has been developed over many years. The cultures have been carefully selected to produce a cheese with an intense and complex blend of sweet, savory, and distinctively nutty flavors. Red Fox gets its color from the flavorless dye from the [...]

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Toketti di Pane Carasau – Sardinian Flat Bread

Toketti di Pane Carasau are modern-day, bite-size snacks made from the famous flatbread which dates back centuries to the Arabic invasion of Sardinia.   Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with over 1,100 miles of unspoiled coastline and a multitude of sheep, is a unique place filled with much history and age-old [...]

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May Cheese of the Month – Roccia del Piave

This 8-month aged cow’s milk cheese from Veneto gets its name, meaning “rock,” from the way it is aged. Farmers used to hide their wheels of cheese from outlaws in the rocky cavities formed by the flooding of the Piave River (described in Hemingway’s novel “Across the river and into the trees”).   It has [...]

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Cheese of the Month – Beemster’s Paradiso

We are very proud to introduce April’s Cheese of the Month as Beemster’s Paradiso! Bristol Farms has been given 6 months exclusivity in offering its customers this wonderful cheese, so keep in mind…we’re the only place to find it! Paradiso is a creamy, Parmesan style cheese crafted by the best master cheese makers in Holland. [...]

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Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s Green Cheese

This St. Patrick’s Day, Bristol Farms is featuring a number of great Irish, or St. Paddy’s Day, inspired cheeses from our cheese shops, such as our Tipperary Irish Cheddar and Oscar Wilde Aged Irish Cheddar. But, we invite you to discover a cheese that won’t be playing second fiddle; Coombe Castle’s Fiddler’s Green. Fiddler’s Green [...]

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Pairing Cheese & Chocolate

Love is in the air…Valentine’s Day is here! A day dedicated to love, romance, cupid and the romantic, gushy, stuff. While it’s common to gift and prepare special meals for those you love on Valentine’s Day, why not try something new this year? Below are a few delicious yet out of the ordinary suggestions from [...]

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Brie -The Lover’s Cheese or Cheese for Lovers

If you are a big cheese fanatic like me, you may be intrigued by this article merely by reading its title. Being a lover of cheese, you’re probably already familiar with brie and are a close friend to this smooth, rich delectable cheese. But, we are here to entice those who have not had the [...]

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