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Bristol’s Own Baked Brie

At Bristol Farms we make our baked brie’s fresh in our kitchen using the finest ingredients.  Delicate puff pastry is wrapped around brie and baked off to perfection.  We have several flavors to choose from: Fig – Brie, puff pastry and fig spread. Cranberry – Brie, puff pastry and our French brandy cranberry sauce with […]

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Leonardi Gran Riserva Gorgonzola

Bristol Farms Cheese Shops are pleased to present Leonardi Gran Riserva, a premium Gorgonzola, which is the result of a careful and refined hand-crafted cheese. This reserve extra creamy Gorgonzola comes from Igor, an esteemed Gorgonzola producer. Using 3 generations of experience, Fabio has produced this gem in a small artisan plant making it all […]

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Cheese of the Month – Red Rock Cheddar

Roelli Cheese Haus was founded in the 1920s, when Adolph Roelli, a Swiss immigrant, landed in Lafayette County, WI. Four generations later, Chris Roelli leads the cheesemaking process in the exact same spot. In the past two decades, Chris has led Roelli cheese to shift its focus from industrial cheddar production to small-scale, artisanal production […]

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It’s Time to Pear Up for the Holidays!

It’s fall and pears are at their peak! This season, Bristol Farms is celebrating the sweet and wonderful pear by offering pairing suggestions, recipes, and more in-store. Often enjoyed on their own, did you know every pear variety can match up beautifully with cheese and wine? Each pear variety is unique in its texture and […]

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Cheese of the Month – Deer Creek Vat 17 Cheddar

Deer Creek Vat 17 World Cheddar is produced by Land O’ Lakes in the Niagra Cuesta region of Eastern Wisconsin. It owes its complex flavor in part to a cocktail of cultures representing some of the best cheddars from around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. In creating this cheese, many […]

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Calling All Cheese Lovers!!

As you know, Bristol Farms offers many delicious varieties of cheese; from domestic to imported, hard to soft, cow to goat milk cheeses, plus many more. If you consider yourself a cheese lover, please join us from October 22 – 28 for a special celebration of Wisconsin Cheeses and Pairings that Please! Walk our cheese […]

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Paski Sir Cheese

Let us introduce you to Paski Sir Cheese, a sheep milk cheese from the Croatian island of Pag. It is regarded as the most famous of Croatian artisan cheeses. Paski Sir looks like an aged Parmesan with a thick, honey-colored rind and flecks of protein crystals, but the smell and taste are a bit nuttier […]

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Cheese of the Month – Casatica di Bufala

When two brothers, Alfio and Bruno Gritti, took over their father’s farms in the foothills of the Italian Alps located in Northern Italy, they were focused on milking cows. Ten years ago, they decided to introduce water buffalo to the farm. Buffalo milk is twice as creamy as cow’s milk. A couple years later, they […]

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Le Brouere – September Cheese of the Month

Made using only spring milk from grass fed cows, Le Brouere is crafted in small quantities for a short period of time each year. It is Comte like in flavor and texture; also known as a variation of French Gruyere.   Le Brouere is a terrific table cheese served with crusty bread, crackers, olives, nuts, […]

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White Peppercorn Cheddar

Is there anything better than classic sharp White Cheddar Cheese? Why yes, there is! Try a kicked up version with our White Peppercorn Cheddar; aged white cheddar blended with black cracked peppercorns, creating a drier, firmer, full bodied cheese. The peppercorns give the white cheddar enough balance of spice and kick. Something deliciously different from […]

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