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Third Annual Say Cheese!

If you love cheese, then you are in for a treat! Today marks the start of our third annual “Say Cheese” celebration of everything cheese. Queso, Formaggio, Kase, Fromage, Ost, and Kaas – no matter which language you speak, we are all talking cheese! Cheese is produced in every continent of the world and made […]

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Featured Cheese – Sottocenere with Truffles

Rich, creamy, and flecked with black truffle throughout, Sottocenere is a top pick amongst us cheese lovers at Bristol Farms. With just the right amount of fine truffles, it’ll appeal to the truffle-lover in all of us. Sottocenere has intense savory notes with incredible pungency, ranging from pleasantly aromatic to slightly overpowering. Infused not only […]

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Cheese of the Month –
Black Diamond 5-Year Cheddar

At five years of age, Black Diamond Cheddar cheese’s salts form into small, crunchy grains that give the cheese a rich, crumbly texture. This texture, in combination with the cheese’s remarkably complex flavor and trademark sharpness, makes Black Diamond 5-year Cheddar a high quality specialty cheese that aged Cheddar connoisseurs love. Indulge yourself and try […]

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It’s Time to Pear Up for the Holidays!

It’s fall and pears are at their peak in ripeness, sweetness, and flavor! Often enjoyed on their own, did you know every pear variety can match up beautifully with cheese and wine? Each pear variety is unique in its texture and taste, so to make a successful match, you truly have to know the personality […]

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Cheese of the Month –
Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue

This month’s Cheese of the Month shines a spotlight on one of Rogue Creamery’s most distinctive blue cheeses – Caveman Blue. This cheese is rich, balanced, and robust due to its surface ripening. It’s sweet and fruity with vanilla tines and earthy notes. It’s a savory cheese with no tang at all – very smooth […]

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Cheese of the Month – The Red Witch

Mrs. Zuehlke, an avid cheese lover, is behind the creation of The Red Witch raw milk Alpine cheese. Each February, Carnevale is celebrated by many countries all over the world immediately before the Christian season of Lent. People celebrate by dressing in costume, attending street parties, and enjoying lots of great food and drink. Mrs. […]

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Discover Double Gloucester Cheese

Double Gloucester (or Double Gloucestershire) is a traditional, unpasteurized, semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that has been made in Gloucestershire County in South West England since the sixteenth century. It was originally a sheep’s milk cheese, but cows eventually took over the sheep population and by Tudor times cow’s milk was the norm. The milk for […]

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In Season! Honeycrisp Apples

Fall mornings aren’t the only things crisp this season! Apple lovers are celebrating the arrival of sweet and juicy new crop Honeycrisp apples, available now in our Bristol Farms produce departments! Freshly harvested from apple trees in Washington State, each Honeycrisp apple is picked to perfection and simply bursting with that signature crisp, honey-like flavor. […]

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Life Just Got Sweeter with Galas

Organic New Crop Gala Apples are at the peak of the season and on sale at Bristol Farms! Enjoy these sweet gems for $1.99 lb through September 22, 2015. That’s a $1.50 lb savings! This crop of Gala apples, provided by CMI’s Daisy Girl Organics™, are harvested fresh from orchards that flank the majestic Columbia […]

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Cheese of the Month – Champignon Grand Noir

Exquisite Texture, Luxurious Flavor. Grand Noir is the cheese to create a memorable taste sensation. This wonderful blue cheese is a masterpiece in the cheese-making art, born of the passionate craftsmanship that Käserei Champignon experts have been practicing for over a century. Grand Noir is made with high quality pasteurized cow’s milk from Swiss Brown […]

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