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Bodum Copper Coffee Press

Copper is one of the strongest trends to emerge out of the 2016 International Housewares Show. It is elegant and rich, and is a beautiful material found in many common household items. Another important trend in the coffee world is the use of the French press, and brewing craft coffee. So, when I came across […]

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Dirty Chai Lattes

Chai, from India, is a spiced milk tea that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. Chai in India is generally made up of rich black tea, heavy milk, a combination of various spices, and a sweetener. This drink is so sweet and satisfying, it’s almost completely perfect just as it is. But if you […]

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Kitchen Gadget Must-Have – Bobble French Presse

I find most coffee drinkers are passionate about their favorite cup of brew, even down to the brewing method. There are so many great ways to prepare coffee, but my personal favorite is the French press method. It can sometimes be a pain in the rear brewing ahead and pouring into a separate cup, so […]

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Start your day with Big Bang Coffee

Whether you like it brewed, dripped, pressed, or perked (if you are like me), coffee in the morning is a must. I recently read this on Pinterest and felt it completely captured my feelings about coffee: “Don’t let anyone tell you that fairy tales are not real. I drink a potion made from magic beans […]

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New! Blue Bottle Coffee is at Bristol Farms!

We’ve long awaited the arrival of what some refer to as “one of the best iced-coffee drinks in America“, and the “holy grail of coffee connoisseurs.” Established in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee opened its first location in New York, and is now a US coffee roaster and retailer headquartered in Oakland, California; and considered one […]

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The Perfect Pair – “The Cookie” and Hot Coffee

You may have heard the hype – In select locations*, Bristol Farms is making a gooey, buttery, chocolatey cookie called “The Cookie,” which is an all butter cookie containing more than 60% Belgian chocolate, toasted walnuts, and sea salt. The best part is we keep “The Cookie” warm all day so that you can enjoy a […]

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Life Factory Cafe Glasses

It’s always good news when our favorite lines expand into new categories! Bristol Farms has been offering the Lifefactory line of glass beverage bottles for some time now and they instantly turned into a customer favorite. Now, they have added a great new product to their line for coffee and tea drinkers alike – their […]

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Peet’s Holiday Blend is here!

Each holiday, Peet’s blends the best beans from some of their favorite regions to create the perfect celebratory coffee to share with your loved ones during the holidays. The 2014 blends have made their way to all Bristol Farms stores and are available in pre-packaged ground, whole bean, decaf, and kcups. Below are the regions […]

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Peet’s 48th Anniversary Blend

Every year, Peet’s creates a special annual blend to commemorate Alfred Peet’s start of the specialty coffee revolution, started in Berkeley in 1966, changing the way that Americans experienced the taste and quality of their coffee…48 years ago.   This year’s Anniversary Blend features deep, syrupy coffee from Uganda’s Mt. Elgon, and is brightened with […]

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Magnum Coffee – Spring Special Edition

As Spring is blooming, Bristol Farms is delighted to offer a special on the world’s finest coffee! Magnum Coffee is known for their Taste of the Exotics premium Kona blend and Jamaican blend. Now featured at Bristol Farms, each blend is on sale for only $12.99 for a 24oz bag—a deal compared to the charge […]

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