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Cupid's Favorite Cheese – Paradiso

posted on February 11th, 2016 by Carl Smith

Our top cheese pick for Valentine's Day is Paradiso! And it's not just because of the label donned with Cupid and his bow - Paradiso is creamy and sweet and is (in our opinion) the perfect cheese to share with a loved one. It is an Italian-style cheese, made from rich, North Holland cow’s milk. When the wheel is first cut open, the aroma is sweetly enticing. Upon first bite, Paradiso is quite reminiscent of an Aged Gouda but with a lingering Parmesan-y note. The texture is firm with crystallization throughout and has tangy, savory, zesty notes. So divine! Paradiso can be used anywhere you'd reach for Parmesan. Shave and melt atop baked pasta or Chicken Parmesan; layer onto a submarine sandwich with ham, salami, & turkey; or grate over spinach sauteed with garlic. Paradiso is perfectly paired with a nice Italian Chianti and Primitivo, or can even be nicely paired with Italian white wines. If you are more of a beer lover, pale ales will highlight the complexity in the… Read More

Aris Natural Yogurt

posted on September 30th, 2013 by Roger Arechiga

For those of us who regularly visit the local farmers market, you might already be familiar with this item, but for the rest of you, let me introduce you to ARIS NATURAL yogurt.   Aris yogurt is produced and distributed locally by the Aris Natural Food company.  This little company that was started in a garage seven years ago has emerged as the maker of a sheep milk yogurt with big taste.   In a time period where there are so many different Greek yogurts to choose from Aris found a way to differentiate itself with this Greek style yogurt that is not only good in taste but also good for you.  Being that Aris yogurt is made with sheep’s milk it is lactose free and it has smaller fatty globules than cow which makes it easier for digestion.   All of their product is made using only natural ingredients with no preservatives, no hormone and rbst *free.    This great tasting yogurt that was a regular fixture, and could only be found at farmers markets, is now available in the… Read More

Celebrate the Earth, Year‑Round

posted on April 22nd, 2013 by Bristol Farms

It's Earth Day, celebrated around the world mostly to bring awareness to all the earth-friendly practices we should be supporting year-round. So, we thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight some of the practices  and programs Bristol Farms lives out behind the scenes, as well as in our stores, to support a greener, cleaner Earth. You may, or may not have noticed, the containers we provide in our Food Service areas are a great eco friendly alternative to ones of the past. While we haven't swapped out 100% of our packaged goods, we are continuously working on this, in constant search of the right supportive container in each area. But, we are proud to say we offer compostable, tree-free packaging for our salad bars, hot food bars, soup containers, and all drink cups within our stores. You can feel good about the container you are filling, or the drink cup you are about to enjoy your favorite beverage from as these items are completely green and compostable by today's… Read More

Awards Show Catering

posted on February 21st, 2013 by Melinda Race

We can’t walk the red carpet, we don’t have a backstage pass, we can’t call Seth and ask for a favor, but we can still enjoy the excitement of the Oscars! If you're a movie buff like me, then chances are, the Academy Awards are right up there with the excitement of Superbowl. I look forward to the Academy Awards, every year! Not only to see what the stars are wearing, but to see these actors be awarded for such hard work and dedication that goes into some amazing movies. It's not just the people on screen, but those behind the scenes are awarded too. It's a beautiful show that is sure to present a few tear jerking speeches....(sigh). So pull up the chairs, invite the friends, dust off the big screen and get ready for the excitement.  If you're going to celebrate with friends, you will have to entertain with food and drink. Appetizers and finger foods are perfect for an event like this. No need to pull out the fancy linens, silverware, and dining table extension. Nope! Just a… Read More

Keeping it Local for 30 Years!

posted on November 1st, 2012 by Nicole Vuletich

Your hometown, local extraordinary food store is turning 30 this month! Bristol Farms would like to thank our Southern California customers for allowing us to serve them and for their shopping dedication for the past 30 years. It’s hard to believe that our first store in Rolling Hills Estates opened in November 1982 and we have been serving Southern California with our local flavor ever since. Our company is now 14 stores strong and we stretch from La Jolla to San Francisco keeping it local every day by providing the best tasting, freshest food available. We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary by offering our great customers 30% off selected items! This week we have 30% off our entire steak category as well as 30% off wild caught jumbo or large shrimp, free range air chilled whole chicken, and pasture raised grass fed lamb shoulder rack. Stop by and save and thank you for 30 years! Read More

Treading Lightly

posted on April 19th, 2012 by Geoff Nicoll

With energy costs skyrocketing, and an increased consciousness of our impact on the environment, there are numerous innovators that are seeking alternatives to the standard glass vessel. As the vast majority of wine consumers are traditionalists, it is not an easy transition away from the norm. Most recently, the Stelvin closure (or screw top) was the test tube for the elitists to poo poo, stating that only natural cork allows the wine to properly evolve, or breathe and mature into a more regal, stately beverage in maturity. And the detractors still exist. But there are a great many world class producers that are investigating the potential. I for one, am happy to utilize the easy, more efficient and certainly more neutral closure that completely decimates the potential for cork taint that ruins a bottle. Next come PET (plastic), and Tetra Pack, along with aluminum and “The Pouch.” Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but each plays a role in alternative packaging by which to… Read More

Deardorff Family Farms – Locally Grown Strawberries

posted on April 2nd, 2012 by John Savidan

This year for Easter, Bristol Farms has hopped right over to our own beautiful backyard of lovely Oxnard, California. We are partnered with Deardorff Family Farms, a fully sustainable, California grower that has been delivering Southern Californians great tasting, organic, family farmed fruits and vegetables for 75 years!   We are happy to feature their tasty, fresh-picked, ripe strawberries as a delicious springtime treat! Oxnard, California, a sunny growing region along the coastal highway 101 just north of Los Angeles, is one of the strawberry capioals of the USA.  Due to a Mediterranean climate, and 350 cool, breezy, sunny days a year, this part of California’s “Golden Coast” is home to over 8500 acres of strawberries.  Oxnard even hosts an annual Strawberry Festival every June! Adventurous travelers who drive through the Oxnard area in springtime will be treated to the aroma fresh berries ripening all along the various farm roads between the coastal mountains and the… Read More

Organic California Hass Avocado Season is Here

posted on March 12th, 2012 by John Savidan

It is Organic California Hass Avocado Season at Bristol Farms! The California Hass season will run March through September here at Bristol Farms.  The majority of our avocados this year will come from one local ranch in De Luz, CA - Ranch ACW. Ranch ACW is located on the Riverside and San Diego County border, next to Camp Pendleton.  Del Rey Avocado Company in Fallbrook, CA will be packaging and marketing the avocados from ACW to Bristol Farms.  This will be the second year in a row Bristol Farms will be featuring organic Hass avocados from this ranch.  Below is a brief history of how Ranch ACW became one of the biggest organic Hass avocados ranches in California. The planting of ACW started in 1977 at 125 acres of avocados.  Today it has grown to more than 800 acres of various fruits.  The majority of the acreage is made up of several varieties of avocados, with the largest amount of acres being 350 acres of organic Hass avocados.  The other varieties of avocados at ACW… Read More

Mardi Gras at Bristol Farms

posted on February 17th, 2012 by Carl Smith

The New Orleans Carnival season is in preparation of the start of the Christian season of lent. This tradition of parades, masquerade balls, and parties has been observed for over 300 years and continues to grow today. The pinnacle of this celebration for most is known as Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, and what is a party without food? On February 21st we will be celebrating Mardi Gras in Bristol Fashion; our hot case selections will be focused on Southern favorites like cajun fried catfish, jambalaya, red beans & rice, collard greens, and several other traditional and unique items giving a whole new meaning to Fat Tuesday. Come on in and join us for the celebration! Read More

Bristol Farms Rolling Hills Remodel & Open House

posted on January 18th, 2012 by Bristol Farms

While it’s been eagerly anticipated, our very first store on the hill is undergoing a remodel and beautiful facelift and is ready to unveil itself during our grand re-opening on January 18th. Bristol Farms has collected a long string of accolades since our first store opened in 1982 in Rolling Hills, but this being our original store that started it all, holds a special place in our hearts. We are truly excited about the revamping of the store and the excitement is clearly extended through to our dedicated patrons on the hill. The remodel and merchandising set boasts new items and a better selection in support of our Great Taste Just Got Better merchandising plan where we added over 4,500 new organic, natural, local, and gluten free products, combined with more specials and more everyday values on key brands throughout the store. We've added more shelves, more items, more variety, and more value to the extraordinary products and unique Bristol style customer service our shoppers… Read More

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