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Mushroom Lover’s Panini

Introducing two new mushroom lover’s panini! The Bristol Farms Deli is proud to feature two new panini made fresh in our kitchens. Morel & Leek is served with morel and leek Jack cheese, tomato, and fresh spinach. The Mushroom & Blue features grilled portabella mushroom, smoked blue cheese, and fresh spinach. Both panini are served [...]

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Bristol’s Own Honey Maple Turkey

Those who have a sweet tooth, you will love our Honey Maple Turkey Breast at the deli department in Bristol Farms. This tender, extra lean turkey breast gets its sweet flavor from maple syrup and honey. Low fat and rich in protein, this turkey is something sweet you can feel good about eating.  Always sliced [...]

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Champagne and Caviar for the New Year

While the image of caviar and champagne conjures visions of black ties, white linens, and the finest crystal, it needn’t be so. Admittedly, it is a bit decadent, and luxurious, but not necessarily price prohibitive. Caviar, whether it be Osetra from the Black Sea, or the domestic “Royal Reserve” American Sturgeon, is something that everybody [...]

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New! Sweet Potato Medley

Is there anything that reminds you more about the holidays than Sweet Potatoes?  Okay…we digress. There are many items that are often only enjoyed once a year during the holidays, like turkey, ham, or stuffing. But, sweet potatoes are a holiday staple on any table! Originally from South America, sweet potatoes, like all other potatoes, [...]

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New Mac & Cheese!

The weather is certainly taking a turn as of late and there’s no better time to introduce some new Bristol Farms Mac & Cheese flavors during comfort food season! We have taken Macaroni and Cheese to a new level! We are proud to introduce two new flavors of mac & cheese conveniently packed in oven [...]

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Holiday Meals at Bristol Farms

Let Bristol Farms do your holiday cooking so you can spend more time with your family and friends. Bristol Farms Holiday meal program offers items that are prepared and only need to be reheated. You can capture the incredible smells that holiday foods bring to a kitchen in a fraction of the time it takes [...]

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Our Favorite Imports – Tuscan Ham

Slow Roasted Ham Parmacotto (slow roasted ham with herbs) is one of our favorite imports featured in our Foods from Around the World promotion. From the hills of San Gimignano, which is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, north-central Italy, this flavorful, grilled ham is made in the true [...]

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Hatch Chile Potato Salad

As if potato salad wasn’t good enough, our #1 seller in our deli has been taken to a new delicious level! It’s Hatch Chile season and, naturally, we had to add Hatch Chiles to our famous potato salad to give it a small kick! If you are familiar with our regular potato salad, we start [...]

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Grana Padano and San Daniele Proscuitto

At Bristol Farms, we are always looking to bring our customers the best possible products. Our Grana Padano and San Daniele Prosciutto are just two examples of the extraordinary products we bring to you. In Italy, they have a system to protect certain indigenous cheeses and meats. This is called D.O.P. or Denominazione di Origine [...]

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Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs

Made from 100% organic grass fed beef, these meaty hot dogs are bursting with old-fashioned classic hot dog flavor – juicy, flavorful and delicious! Not convinced yet? How about this: These hot dogs have only 8 grams of fat compared to the average 15 grams in most brands, and because they’re made from grass fed [...]

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