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Locally Grown Basil Plants

Bristol Farms’ floral departments just received the most beautiful, fresh, locally grown Basil plants and they are ready to take home! We are enjoying the aroma of fresh basil in-store, but can’t wait to take one of these home to enjoy in our kitchens. My favorite dish to make with fresh Basil is, of course, […]

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Heat up with Ornamental Pepper Plants

Spice up your home with an Ornamental Pepper plant from Bristol Farms! Starting this weekend, all Bristol Farms floral shops will be offering this colorful, festive plant and will be available through the duration of our Hatch Chile promotion – through September 8, 2015. The ornamental pepper plant originates from Central and South America. They […]

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Wildcat Orchids at Bristol Farms

The Orchid, or Orchidaceae, is a diverse family of flowering plants with beautiful, colorful blooms in unique shapes, colors, and designs. Amongst the many orchids offered at Bristol Farms, one of the most unique, and a personal favorite of mine, is the Wildcat Orchid. Our Wildcat Orchids are grown on a local farm here, in […]

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Think BIG! Bristol Farms Hydrangea Blooms

Bristol Farms’ floral departments are happy to announce that we will be selling our Enormous Hydrangea Blooms from our local growers, Sun Valley. These wonderful hydrangeas are only available during the months of mid-June – November each year. Sun Valley’s farms grows gorgeous hydrangeas in pink, purple, blue, and white blooms. In the fall months, […]

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Mother’s Day Floral

At Bristol Farms, we celebrate Mother’s Day all year long. We have talented designers in all of our floral departments to help you decide which selection of flowers would make your Mother happy on her special day. We have a large selection of vases and containers to select from, whether it is for a floral […]

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In Season! Lilacs

There is nothing better than a large bouquet of Lilacs on the kitchen table in the early spring. The pleasant, sweet scent of a freshly picked Lilac bouquet fills the room and permeates the whole house! I just love them! Bristol Farms’ Floral Shops are now offering Lilacs imported from Holland for $19.99 a bunch. […]

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Beautiful Easter Lilies

Gorgeous, big, beautiful, bright, and fragrant are words that can only be describing Easter Lilies! I love this time of year, and after many years of working in the floral industry, the Easter Lily still holds a special place in my heart. Our Double Bulb Easter Lilies arrived March 24th, and will be here for […]

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Lucky Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day! Bristol Farms’ floral department is celebrating this fun holiday with 6” potted shamrock plants for $9.99, and 4” potted shamrock plants for $5.99. Take advantage of this great deal and bring some luck into your home with our shamrock plants for the holiday. These plants aren’t just for St. Patrick’s […]

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8, is a day to honor and celebrate the achievements of women from around the world and is gaining great traction here in the U.S. Many people give flowers and other small gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, and daughters, as well as coworkers, teachers, and friends in […]

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Potted Citrus Trees

Bristol Farms’ Floral Department supports our California growers, and we are so pleased to provide our customers with unique citrus trees from the golden state, starting February 27th. We are offering these citrus trees for a limited time during our four week Citrus 101 promotion going on in-store now! Our citrus tree supplier was founded […]

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