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Valentine’s Day in our Floral Shops

posted on February 1st, 2016 by Kristin Lares

It's that time of year again - the time we show our loved ones just how much we value their friendship, companionship, and camaraderie through thoughtful gestures, such as giving gifts of fine dining, jewelry, sweet desserts, and beautiful floral! This is the time of year for our floral shops to shine and provide our shoppers with a breathtaking assortment of flowers through arrangements, plants, bouquets, and more. Of course, our professional floral staff are always happy to assist in helping you select a gift for your special loved one. Here's this year's line-up: Starting February 1, we're offering an amazing deal on wrapped Double Dozen 60 cm Roses for just $39.99*! That's a savings of $19.99 when you buy two. (single dozen roses are $29.99*) We will also have our 50 cm Single Stem Roses with Baby’s Breath and Greens for $7.99*. Exclusive to Bristol Farms is a 3.5 foot (110 cm) Rose Stem that wows for $9.99 a stem*. ($14.99* with filler and greens). We also offer… Read More

The Meaning Behind a Rose

posted on January 26th, 2016 by Kristin Lares

Roses are available in a variety of beautiful colors, but did you know each color has a different meaning? The color of a rose can signify the strength and depth of the relationship you have with the one you want to give it to. This valentine's day, our roses are available in colors such as red, white, pink, yellow, peach, black (deep red), orange or coral, lavender, and blue. Each rose conveys a hidden message to the recipient within its color. So our message to you is "choose wisely." Gifting roses to a loved one is already a pleasurable experience, but think about the nice personal touch you can put on your selection of a rose. You have the opportunity to share why you chose a particular color and the meaning behind it. It's a great conversation piece and an impressive touch. Below are the colors of roses available and their meaning: White Rose = Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Reverence, Worthiness Red Rose = Passion, Love, Respect, Courage, Congratulations Pink Rose = Happiness… Read More

Holiday Floral Arrangements

posted on December 21st, 2015 by Kristin Lares

We're just days away from Christmas, and you likely already have your holiday dinner party menus planned by now. But, what about dressing the table with holiday floral? Sure, you can grab a bunch of consumer flowers in a pinch, but we suggest you check out the always fresh and beautiful arrangements made by Bristol Farms' Floral Designers. Our talented designers have been in the floral industry for years, and have kept up with the new trends of product to work with, and unique designs. When you visit Bristol Farms on your next shopping trip, please visit our floral department for your floral needs. We will be happy to create an arrangement for you while you shop, although we do recommend a 72-hour notice as this is our busiest time of year. If you have a specific vision in mind, our designers are very accommodating and can design anything from a large, elegant arrangement to a single flower arrangement, while working with your color and theme needs. We have great containers on… Read More

Poinsettias are here!

posted on December 7th, 2015 by Kristin Lares

Beautiful flowers make the best decorations for your holiday parties! By far, one of the most popular holiday flowers is the Poinsettia. Well known for the variety that boasts beautiful red and green foliage, poinsettias offer festive color to your holiday decorations, and they are particularly popular for the Christmas holiday. Bristol Farms' Floral Departments are offering extraordinary poinsettias for the holiday season! We buy the best quality from the top vendors here in California to give our customers the best experience in owning a poinsettia plant. We buy in January of the previous year to ensure our vendor's poinsettia selection is done carefully, and that the best graded plants are selected while still growing in their greenhouses. Our Floral Departments are offering a large selection of 6-inch potted poinsettias in a wide range of colors, such as red, white, and pink. Our Floral Specialists will be happy to personalize them with our Christmas themed branches and pine… Read More

Red Ilex for the Holiday

posted on November 16th, 2015 by Kristin Lares

Alongside the Poinsettia and Mistletoe plants, the Ilex Berry (or holly) is another very popular plant during the winter months and to be used in household decorations for the Christmas holiday. Bristol Farms’ Ilex Berry is grown by Sun Valley and is the “Oosterwijk” variety, which is the female cultivar of the Ilex plant. The original plant came from Holland and has been growing at the Willow Creek farm for about 10 years! Over the course of each fall season, Sun Valley’s gold, orange, and red berries come to harvest.  Starting now and through Christmas, Sun Valley’s red berries are in abundance and making their way to Bristol Farms. The picking team at Sun Valley harvests the branches, places them in white buckets, and then they get hauled down the mountain to the Arcata farm. In the warehouse, they remove the leaves to expose the stunning red berries, bunch, and then sleeve the branches. Over the last several years, Sun Valley has been propagating the bushes with the… Read More

Fall Garden Mums

posted on October 28th, 2015 by Kristin Lares

Fall is here! And our floral departments in-store have welcomed in the change of season with all our seasonal fall cut flowers and plants. We encourage you to take a stroll through our floral department on your next visit to see the beautiful autumn bouquets and arrangements we have made up for you. Simply stunning! Our fall merchandise is perfect to decorate for the holidays that are just around the corner, and to liven up your home or office. In addition to our seasonal bouquets and arrangements, Bristol Gardens is now offering Garden Mums! Of all the seasonal plants to choose from, fall wouldn’t be complete without our garden mum. Garden mum plants are much different from the floral mum that you often see in floral departments today. The one main difference is the garden mum is very hardy and can be left outside to decorate your walkway or the step in front of your home; this plant can survive any weather condition. On the other hand, the floral mum only does well with the… Read More

The Pumpkin Tree Branch

posted on October 20th, 2015 by Kristin Lares

They're back!! Locally grown Pumpkin Tree Branches are my personal favorite in fall floral and are back in our floral departments for a limited time. The pumpkin tree plants start their journey in greenhouses in early March, then are transferred to the fields during the months of April and May. The planting of the pumpkin tree plants are staggered until mid-June, and then harvested once the center of the plants turn bright orange (which is anywhere from September through November). Pumpkin tree branches are a great product to use during the fall months and holidays, and can be displayed anywhere in your home. I find them to be a great conversation piece too. Fun ideas for using the pumpkin stems Aside from the usual vase method displaying the entire branch, you can cut the small pumpkins off of the stem and place them inside a clear bowl or vase, or use them on display with your fall wheat/leaves, gourds, and pussy willow by laying them across your dining room table or fireplace… Read More

Locally Grown Basil Plants

posted on September 18th, 2015 by Kristin Lares

Bristol Farms' floral departments just received the most beautiful, fresh, locally grown Basil plants and they are ready to take home! We are enjoying the aroma of fresh basil in-store, but can't wait to take one of these home to enjoy in our kitchens. My favorite dish to make with fresh Basil is, of course, the Caprese salad. There's really no wrong way to do it - platter it, or skewer on some kabobs, as long as you have the right ingredients, you're all set. Grab a couple fresh Roma tomatoes from our produce department, some fresh Buffalo Mozzarella from our cheese department, and, of course, our Bristol's Own Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our grocery department. If you're a fan of a Balsamic drizzle on your Caprese salad, be sure to also check out our Bristol's Own Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Top it all with some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Yum! Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is often referred to as the king of herbs. Basil plants are certainly one of the most popular herbs grown… Read More

Heat up with Ornamental Pepper Plants

posted on August 12th, 2015 by Kristin Lares

Spice up your home with an Ornamental Pepper plant from Bristol Farms! Starting this weekend, all Bristol Farms floral shops will be offering this colorful, festive plant and will be available through the duration of our Hatch Chile promotion - through September 8, 2015. The ornamental pepper plant originates from Central and South America. They are compact, bushy annuals that grow to 1-foot in height, and 15-inches wide. The pepper fruit lasts several weeks on the plant, ripening from a cream or purple to an orange-red color. Although the ornamental peppers resemble those that are featured in many spicy cuisines, these particular peppers are not edible. Enjoy these plants as a lively decoration at home or as a gift, but please keep them out of the kitchen! Further instructions are provided on the plant's care tag. When you take this plant home, please water it right away if it feels dry to the touch. It is best to never allow the soil to dry out. The pepper plant may require… Read More

Wildcat Orchids at Bristol Farms

posted on July 21st, 2015 by Kristin Lares

The Orchid, or Orchidaceae, is a diverse family of flowering plants with beautiful, colorful blooms in unique shapes, colors, and designs. Amongst the many orchids offered at Bristol Farms, one of the most unique, and a personal favorite of mine, is the Wildcat Orchid. Our Wildcat Orchids are grown on a local farm here, in California, and our growers work with 7-8 varieties where variations will occur from the original crossbreed. Growing Wildcat Orchids is a special process that requires a lot of patience; this orchid will take about 2 years to flower from seedlings. But, once you see the blooms, you'll realize they are worth the wait. Cross breeding of the Wildcat Orchid has been in trade for about 40 years. Wildcats are a cross between three species of orchids: the Miltonia, Odontoglossum, and Oncidium orchids. Each is beautiful on their own, but breeding the three offers a gorgeous display of chocolate browns, vibrant yellows, and racy reds. Bristol Farms' Floral Shops will… Read More

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