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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Sandwiches

As if their ice cream wasn’t good enough, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has achieved the ultimate Ice Cream Sandwiches and they are now available in our freezer aisles!   Jeni’s Ice Cream sandwiches include the Oatmeal Cream — an old-time favorite updated with exotic Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream — and three lovely, gluten-free [...]

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New at Bristol Farms-Pizza Romana!

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know chowing down on lots of pizza is a must! There is just something about the way Italians make pizza; the thin perfectly baked dough, light sauce, and perfect proportion of fresh ingredients…it’s divine to enjoy, especially with the backdrop of cities such as Rome, or Naples. While [...]

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Introducing Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla represents the partnership of two Pacific families, united by a passion for the world’s most sensual and exotic flavor and aroma. The richest grade of vanilla in the Asia Pacific region results from the perfect and natural growing environment in the Kingdom of Tonga. Organic growing principles are employed with the vanilla vines [...]

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Favorite Imports – Di Martino Pasta!

Di Martino pasta is a 3rd generation family owned company that just celebrated their 100th year in business! Manufactured exclusively from Italian grown durum wheat, Di Martino is proud to have been awarded the Product Protected by Geographical Indication (IGP – Indicazione Geografica Protetta) “Pasta di Gragnano” insignia.  Recognizing that the city of Gragnano, perched [...]

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Imported from France, Fallot Mustards

Léon BOULEY founded a mustard mill and oil producers way back in 1840. It was not long before the quality of his products were noticed and recognized by his peers, resulting in the award of a diploma from the City of PARIS, in 1903 during the Great International Exhibition. Today, in BEAUNE, the FALLOT COMPANY, [...]

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I have always liked the quality product Reed’s has  created from their Micro-brewed Virgil’s Root Beer to their Ginger Beer.  Now, Reed’s has done it again with their creation of Reed’s Kombucha.  When I have tasted Kombucha in the past, I was  reminded of a strong vinegar taste but not so much with Reed’s Kombucha.  [...]

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Bristol’s Own Hatch Valley Salsa!

Are you a serious Hatch Chile head? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Bristol Farms is proud to introduce our new Hatch Valley salsa in the sweet & heat line of Bristol’s Own salsas. Finally, a Hatch salsa that delivers at every level! Taste and texture make this new Bristol Farms salsa the most [...]

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Sneaky Sneakz

Are you a parent trying to get more veggies into your kiddos’ diets? Or maybe a big kid yourself, and looking for tasty ways to get your daily dose of greens? Well, allow us to introduce you to Sneakz Organic! Sneakz Organic Chocolate Milkshakes are now on the shelf at Bristol Farms. How did they [...]

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Bristol Farms New Sweet & Heat Salsas!

Just a few weeks old and already one of Bristol Farms’ favorite  salsas! The Sweet & Heat collection has taken Bristol Farms by storm. These incredible flavor fusions are new and very exciting. You can always rely on Bristol Farms to bring you great tasting food while only using  the highest quality ingredients. All 4 [...]

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Modern Pops – Newport Beach Local

Here comes some Modern Pop! With less than 60 calories a pop, and absolutely no added sugar, this Laguna Beach frozen fruit bar  is making headlines and creating a new trend. Simple Ingredients. Founders and new parents, Julie and Brad Podolec came across the idea while searching everywhere for an ice pop that contained only [...]

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