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Crown Maple Syrups & Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Recipe

If you are a lover of conventional, inexpensive maple syrups (typical national brands) that are used and dispensed in millions of households and eateries around the country, then let us open your eyes (and tastebuds) to a quality, pure, 100% authentic maple syrup that you are sure to love even more. Crown Maple Syrup from […]

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Pylos Poems – Flavors from Greece

Pylos Poems was named after a small town in the southwest end of Greece, combined with the inspiration by the flavors of their products in that the composition was like the lyrics of a beautiful landscape-inspired poem. Pylos Poems’ products are of excellent quality, high innovation, high nutritional value, uniqueness in taste, and all in […]

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Bristol’s Own Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

2015 has been a big year for us and our continuous effort to build upon our extraordinary line of private label Bristol’s Own products. We are constantly searching for products in each category that meet our quality standards and are offered at a great value. During this search, we have found what we believe is […]

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Konditori Dill Sauce

From it’s humble beginnings in 1959, Konditori was opened by Mrs. Frati with the simple idea of serving good ‘ol fashioned opened face sandwiches and special recipes from her home of Sweden. They soon hosted many of Hollywood’s elite of that era, Gary Cooper came on the second day and it wasn’t long after that they […]

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New! Bristol’s Own Peanuts

Adding to our extraordinary line of private label products, we are proud to introduce Bristol’s Own Virginia Grown, extra large, hand-roasted peanuts! These are some of the best peanuts I’ve ever tried, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. OUR PEANUTS. Our Virginia Peanuts are one of only four types of peanuts grown in the […]

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New! Brewla Specialty Brewed Bars

New to our frozen department is Brewla Specialty Brewed Bars! These frozen treats are revolutionizing the ice pop category with their creation of an all-natural ice pop based on brewed ingredients. They have no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners, and are Kof-K certified kosher. Brewla bars combine the best teas, coffees, or botanicals with fresh […]

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New! Bristol’s Own San Marzano Tomatoes

Bristol’s Own San Marzano Tomatoes’ journey begins in the fertile tomato fields near Castel San Giorgio, kissed by the warm Mediterranean sunshine. Meticulously cared for throughout the growing season, our San Marzano tomatoes have a fresh tomato flavor, with mild acidity, and fewer seeds. The full, red, and ripe pulp of these tomatoes contains less […]

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Bristol’s Own Pita Chips!

We, at Bristol Farms, continue to add to our line of delicious, quality private label items, and we are proud to introduce one of our most recent additions – Bristol’s Own All Natural Pita Chips! Our pita chips are available in five delicious flavors: plain, garlic, lemon herb, cilantro & jalapeno, and our newest flavor […]

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Edible Cookie Dough from Edoughble

Have you heard of the latest craze for edible cookie dough? Sure, people have been sneaking a bite of cookie dough while making cookies in their own kitchens for years, but there has always been the risk of getting sick from ingesting raw eggs that deters even the most eager. Now, sugar hungry, cookie dough […]

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Spicely Organics

Bristol Farms is excited to introduce the comprehensive line of over 200 organic spices, herbs, and seasonings from Spicely Organics! As a spice importer, Spicely Organics boasts the largest product selection and directly sources all of their spices and teas to ensure sustainability, quality, and safety. Not only that, Spicely Organic products are manufactured in […]

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