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KLIP IT for your Baking Needs

Holiday baking is in full effect! If your kitchen is anything like ours, then you are likely pumping out cookies, pies, and other holiday treats by the numbers! If you are a seasoned baker, then you understand that being organized in the stock of your ingredients is critical to having peace of mind while creating […]

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Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Since coming aboard at Bristol Farms, I have developed a passion for the very best kitchen gadgets and tools. Early on, I discovered the very impressive ceramic knives from Kyocera. These knives are simply amazing. The ease of use and functionality blew me away during my first use, and I am confident to say that […]

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The Rock Pans by Starfrit

“The Rock” by Starfrit is easily one of my favorite frying pans. I love these pans because of their non-stick feature! My whole house cooks with these pans and it is always a guaranteed easy clean up. Why is it called “The Rock”? The unique manufacturing process uses a small, métal pellet impact technology to […]

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Craft Cocktails call for Craft Ice Cubes

Ice cube trays can be dated back to the late 1920’s, and have been available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials ever since. We’ve seen everything from rubber, to metal, stainless steel, and even plastic. A cool little piece of history will tell you that the idea for the invention of an ice […]

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Life Factory Cafe Glasses

It’s always good news when our favorite lines expand into new categories! Bristol Farms has been offering the Lifefactory line of glass beverage bottles for some time now and they instantly turned into a customer favorite. Now, they have added a great new product to their line for coffee and tea drinkers alike – their […]

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All Things Pumpkin!

So, it seems the weather did not get the hint that it is officially fall. Though we have been still braving the heat, we are enjoying the comforts of the season through fall inspired foods in hopes that cooler weather is just around the corner. As you walk throughout our store, you will find some […]

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Dress the Holidays with fine Holiday Decor

Last week, we moved into a new home in an adorable little neighborhood. Ever since, we’ve been enjoying evening bike rides (you can thank the warm weather for that), and checking out all the fun holiday house decorations for Halloween and Fall. It’s great to see the effort people put into decorating their homes! Though […]

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Michel Design Works – Gift Giving for the Holidays

Michel Design Works is one of my favorite lines to choose from for a a perfect hostess gift, or gift-giving for the holiday season! You can find several wonderful scents in a variety of products by Michel Design Works, such as candles, hand soaps and lotions. The scents are so light and delicious and the […]

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From France – Charles Viancin

The first time I saw the Charles Viancin product line, I was intrigued by the gorgeous colors and designs inspired by nature. The first Charles Viancin product I tried was the fabulous reusable silicone lid, and I was instantly hooked as a customer! This lid is a great alternative to the ever-frustrating plastic wrap. The […]

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You don’t know wine until you know Riedel

You may be wondering how I can possibly make a statement such as the title of this blog, “You don’t know wine until you know Riedel.” Well, this is the best way I can express what I have learned from my experience with this centuries-old glassware producer out of Austria. When we partnered with Riedel, […]

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