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Health Minded Products by Lifefactory

Lifefactory was born in 2007 when pediatric feeding specialist, Pam Marcus, and integrative designer, Daren Joy, joined together to develop a line of health-minded, design-forward baby bottles. The company has grown and the product line has expanded, but the purity of their original vision remains. PAM MARCUS For 17 years, Pam was a pediatric physical […]

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Ornaments, Ornaments, and even more Ornaments

Was I the only one who didn’t know that our beloved Christmas Tree ornaments were created in the early 1800’s in Lauscha, Germany of all places?   Well certainly this was news to me. As the story goes a German fella by the name of Hans Greiner was the creator of the first glass bead ornament. […]

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Entertaining through the holidays…

Goodbye summer, hello fall! As we begin to say farewell to our brutally hot summer months, we anxiously look forward to welcoming in fall and its cooler temperatures. Even more exciting, the season of entertaining and major holidays is here! Of course, our Bristol Kitchens department has many wonderful items to help get you through […]

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Summertime Red Cup Living

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs we are truly spoiled in Southern California by our beautiful weather and year round bbq/grilling season.  Now officially we are in the home stretch of the “official” bbq/grilling season.  With this in mind I wanted to share with you information about a recent line of drinkware that we’ve brought […]

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A Canning Guide with Kilner® for Summer Fruits

In conjunction with our “Power of the Peach” promotion, we are thrilled to introduce a new canning and preserving line from the Kilner® Jar Co.  In the late 1840’s John Kilner started manufacturing the first canning jars in Dewsbury, England.  For nearly a 100 years the Kilner® family owned and operated the company.  By the […]

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Go Glass! With Lifefactory Glass Bottles

GO GLASS!  That is the mantra of a terrific new partner of ours named Lifefactory.  This innovative company was founded by two innovators in Sausalito, CA, Daren Joy and Pam Marcus, who both shared a passion and desire to elevate mobile hydration options for those who truly understood the benefits of hydration on the go. […]

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Essential Grilling Tools, Bristol Farms Style

Well, as I author this blog entry on May 16, it is 100+ degrees outside.  Not that I really needed a reminder that the grilling season is quickly approaching, but mother nature is sending a strong message in case I didn’t get the memo.  And let’s face it, in Southern California the grilling season really […]

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Summer Sippin’ Wines & Accessories

Our Summer Sippin’ promotion is well underway and the response thus far (from you) has been spectacular!  This celebration of Summertime wines and all of the complimentary accessories (aka cool stuff) are really something to behold and enjoy. Let’s talk about some cool wines you should definitely try: Drouet Le Muscadet A true underdog for […]

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Wood Grilling Planks

Our premium grilling planks are here!  Of course we have the classic Cedar but how about trying some special woods such as Maple, Hickory, or even Cherry?  These distinctive varieties are sure to add to the incredible grilling/eating experience of anything you are cooking on the grill.  Priced at $3.99 for a 6”x8” or $4.99 […]

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What’s in Your BBQ Tool Belt?

As any skilled craftsman or tradesman knows the key to getting a job done right is to have the right tools.  Our bbq experts here at Bristol Farms feel exactly the same way when it comes to their favorite pastime – grilling! We offer an abundant selection of bbq accessories from tools to serving dishes […]

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