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New! Veal Paupiettes

Veal Paupiettes are now available at Bristol Farms! A paupiette is a traditional French dish that can be made using ground or thinly sliced meat & stuffed with a variety of savory fillings. It is a featured cuisine of Normandy, and is typically braised or baked in wine or stock. Bristol Farms is now introducing […]

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Holiday Hams – Why We’re Better

Bristol Farms has everything to celebrate this Easter holiday. From quiche and scalloped potatoes in our Deli, a full Easter menu offering from Catering, to rib roasts and lamb in our Meat department…and don’t forget the ham! We are offering two varieties this holiday, and here’s why our hams are better: Kurobuta Ham The Kurobuta […]

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Wagyu Corned Beef for St. Patrick’s Day

For our second year in a row, Bristol Farms’ meat department is very proud to offer customers our very own Wagyu Corned Beef for St. Patrick’s Day. We created this new item using the finest Wagyu Beef available while keeping with our traditional recipe and seasonings that you are already accustomed to. The key ingredient […]

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Dry Aged Rib Roasts for the Holiday

What makes Bristol Farms’ Dry Aged Rib Roasts so special? Unwrapped subprimals of USDA Prime or Choice beef rib sections are placed in a specially constructed, very cold storage locker for up to thirty days. At Bristol Farms, we place our natural beef in a refrigerated locker for 21 days at a temperature of 32 […]

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Holiday Turkeys & Turducken

Halloween is over and we are already well into the grind of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Just as much as we are preparing at Bristol Farms, we know our customers are starting to prepare their holiday gatherings with friends and families and thinking about the evening’s meals. To help with your early planning and […]

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Enter Fall Roasting Season!

As much as we love the summer sun shining down on us and giving us virtually 12 months of BBQ weather, it is also nice to begin the fall season where cooler weather gives us the opportunity to move our culinary expertise indoors for a bit. Now is the perfect time for you to visit […]

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Grass-Fed, Free-Range Lamb

At Bristol Farms, we offer the most extensive variety of items to choose from in the marketplace. Our Lamb will NEVER receive any type of growth promoting hormones from the day they are born. They are also fed a strict vegetarian diet. Like beef, lamb has a rich red color, but the meat is generally […]

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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef

Bristol Farms meat department is proud to be the only specialty retailer locally to offer you this highly unique Grass Fed/Wagyu Beef (Kobe Style) that has been humanely raised on wide open pastures and left to feed on grass that Mother Nature naturally provides. This program is the first of its kind, and I must […]

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Grilling Season at Bristol Farms

We are entering our favorite season of the year!  This is the time of the year where we make our annual pilgrimage to the great outdoors.  We do this at a time of our own choosing and under our own terms, all the while knowing fellow grillers across the country are united in achieving the […]

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Carne Asada for Cinco de Mayo!

Bristol’s Own Carne Asada is made with USDA Choice all natural flap steak, and is sure to be the most flavorful addition to your table this 5th of May. We offer fresh cuts or marinated carne asada, and both are on sale for $7.99 lb through May 6, 2014. Bristol Farms’ Carne Asada is great […]

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