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New! Bakerly Sweet Pastry Snacks

posted on April 12th, 2016 by Lauren Pepin

When it comes to buying delicious, healthy snacks for your family, Bristol Farms has you covered. In an effort to raise the ingredient standards in our stores, we are diligently seeking recipes and products that you can feel good about sharing with your loved ones. We are proud to introduce Bakerly Mini Chocolate Croissants and Mini Chocolate Brioche. Both items are available in individually wrapped 6 count packages. They are perfect to put into your child’s lunch, for an after school snack, or for yourself when you feel that mid-morning pang in your tummy. Bakerly Mini Chocolate Croissants and Mini Chocolate Brioche are the #1 snack in France. We think they will quickly become the #1 snack here as well. Bakerly products are Non-GMO verified, made with real butter, free of artificial flavor or color, free of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and taste amazing! Stop by our Bakery today and treat yourself to some happy snacking! Read More

New! Bristol Farms Organic Bottled Teas

posted on March 28th, 2016 by Don Bandow

Bristol Farms is proud to offer our new organic ready to drink teas in four delicious flavors: Black Tea, Peach Tea, Green Tea Citrus, and Unsweetened Passion Fruit. Our teas are brewed with premium organic tea leaves sourced from the finest tea gardens from around the world - never from concentrate. Bristol Farms Iced Teas are less processed meaning some of the good stuff tends to settle at the bottom. It's best to shake well before serving. Our sweetened teas contain only 40 calories per bottle. Enjoy these teas chilled - they’re perfect for sipping on during warm days of spring and summer. Black Tea For those who enjoy a cup of black tea daily but want something cool and refreshing in summer, try Bristol Farms Organic Black iced tea. Retaining black tea's stronger flavor, Organic Black is an energizing tea, with a perfect touch of cane sugar and honey. Peach Tea Flood your senses with the pleasant aroma and taste of ripened peaches. On first sip, Bristol Farms Organic Peach… Read More

Healthy, Delicious Veggie Fries

posted on March 28th, 2016 by Roger Arechiga

Every once in a while, I'll have a craving for crispy, salty French fries but before I satisfy my craving, the guilt of enjoying this favorite American snack takes over and I pass on my craving. I was happy to discover Veggie Fries, which are a great alternative when it comes to French fry cravings. With three active and busy kids, the Peters family had a challenge—find healthy yet convenient meals the whole family would enjoy. That challenge led Dave and Cristina Peters to create Veggie Fries—nutrient-packed French fries made from farm-grown vegetables, beans, and potatoes. In fact, each 14-oz bag of Veggie Fries boasts nine servings of vegetables! Yes, nine! And, low in sodium, Veggie Fries are also a good source of fiber, packed with protein, plus vitamins A, C, and K. But that’s not all. Veggie Fries are also gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO verified, and free of the top eight allergens, including wheat, dairy, soy, and nuts. For more information about Veggie Fries, visit… Read More

Newport Beach Hosts Hands to Hearts

posted on March 22nd, 2016 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

This Friday, our Newport Beach store welcomes the team from Hands to Hearts for a pop-up shop of their comfortable, functional, and trendy line of clothing hand crafted by global artisans that is so fun to wear! You can find pieces anywhere from a comfy pair of yoga pants to a great ensemble to wear out to dinner. This is great stuff, so be sure to check it out while they are visiting this location one day only: March 25 from 11am - 4pm. Not only do I love the line of clothing produced by Hands to Hearts, I'm also a big fan of their commitment to giving back and helping the community. They are a socially conscious group of people who desire to make the work they do more meaningful. Bali is known for its beauty, however many of its inhabitants are living in extreme poverty. Through the creation of their products, they are creating the opportunity for hundreds of people to provide for their families. However, they wanted to do more. They have been on a journey to find the right project… Read More

Nomva Fruit & Vegetable Snack Pouches

posted on February 29th, 2016 by Roger Arechiga

The creators of Nomva share the simple belief that the food we eat should empower and inspire us. Created by two 22 year old entrepreneurs desperately in need of real food fuel to take on the go, they quickly realized that the frustrations--as well as the desire for something different--was shared by a whole generation that's thinking differently about food. People who consider what we eat to be a core part of who we are, and a fundamental component of a healthy, active, sustainable life. With this, Nomva set out to build an organic food company that gives the community the nutrition they need in the way they need it. The line of Nomva Packs are ultra convenient for grab and go, probiotic fruit, and vegetable blends. Easy, additive-free nutrition. At its heart, Nomva is a brand dedicated to empowering its customers to live the lives they want. They hope to do that not only by creating great products, but by fostering a community of people looking for new ways to eat right, have fun… Read More

New! Juice | Served Here

posted on February 1st, 2016 by Roger Arechiga

After much anticipation, we are excited to announce that JUICE | SERVED HERE is now available in our stores! Found in our Dairy coolers, these juices are delicious, and convenient to grab and go! JUICE | SERVED HERE is renowned for its indulgent, detoxifying and satiating juices. With signature juices like the cleansing Charcoal Lemonade and rich Cream Party, JUICE | SERVED HERE delivers a first-class health experience. The juice is made with nutrient dense produce from hand-selected farms across Southern California, and pressed in a state-of-the-art arctic cold-press, zero-waste facility. The final product is bottled certified non-GMO juice that is delicious and nourishing, and never cut with cheap fillers. You may find the following juice flavors in our dairy cooler: 21 The Pixie, 19 Charcoal Lemonade, 17 Green Easy, 12 Creamy Party, and 08 Pipe Cleaner. Find out for yourself why JUICE | SERVED HERE has a cult-like following; as sipped by Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, Jane Lynch… Read More

New! Blue Bottle Coffee is at Bristol Farms!

posted on December 29th, 2015 by Don Bandow

We've long awaited the arrival of what some refer to as "one of the best iced-coffee drinks in America", and the "holy grail of coffee connoisseurs." Established in 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee opened its first location in New York, and is now a US coffee roaster and retailer headquartered in Oakland, California; and considered one of the major players in the Third Wave of Coffee, which refers to a movement to produce high-quality coffee, considering it an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity. With a disdain toward the popularity of flavored coffee drinks and a passion for the taste of actual fresh roasted coffee, the mastermind behind Blue Bottle Coffee has vowed to "..only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my customers, so they may enjoy coffee at its peak of flavor. I will only use the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.” As simple as it is, the creation of Blue Bottle Coffee is brilliant, delicious, and a must-have for coffee… Read More

Bristol's Own Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

posted on August 10th, 2015 by Mike McMahon

2015 has been a big year for us and our continuous effort to build upon our extraordinary line of private label Bristol's Own products. We are constantly searching for products in each category that meet our quality standards and are offered at a great value. During this search, we have found what we believe is the perfect pair - we are proud to introduce Bristol's Own Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar!   Bristol's Own Extra Virgin Olive Oil A little piece of California gold! Bristol's Own Extra Virgin Olive Oil is freshly pressed fruit juice with no high heat or solvents. Our olive oil is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, and certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). With flavors of tropical fruit and fresh artichoke, our EVOO is great for salad dressings, fresh pesto, or drizzled on bruschetta. This is truly one of the highest quality olive oils we've ever taste-tested. We encourage you to experience the same.   Bristol's Own… Read More

Keep Food Fresh with FreshPaper

posted on June 9th, 2015 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

We have all experienced the frustration and disappointment when you discover your fresh food has taken a turn for the worst - you open the refrigerator, find a half-bag of rotten lettuce, and are scrounging for a backup plan for dinner. I have experienced this exact scenario a countless number of times and this is why I was so excited when I discovered this wonderful new product - FreshPaper by Fenugreen. FreshPaper is an all natural way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh two to four times longer than normal. Using a secret blend of all natural spices that are integrated into a biodegradable paper, you can simply add this little square piece of paper to your fresh produce bags or bins, in and out of the refrigerator, to keep your produce fresh for a longer period of time. The blend of spices used in FreshPaper inhibits bacteria growth without the use of chemicals or sprays. The idea for FreshPaper all started when founder, Kavita Shukla, visited her grandmother in India while… Read More

Sweety Pepp Roasted Red Peppers

posted on May 21st, 2015 by Carl Smith

Last year, we introduced the Sweety Drop Peppers to our Deli department. These new and versatile peppers are a colorful, unique topping for salads, pizzas, and pastas. Originating in the Amazon rainforest, their sweet flavor and crunchy bite is ideal to toss with vegetables to create a flavorful dish. Its tiny size is versatile and adds value to a variety of dishes, or baked goods like cupcakes. Now, we are proud to introduce our Sweety Pepp Roasted Red Peppers. These are the same peppers from Peru, but are a more mature fruit. They are roasted which brings out the natural sugars and gives them more depth in flavor. They are firm and sweet with a little kick. This recipe for a simple salad will quickly turn them into a favorite: simply toss Sweety Pepps in with cooked quinoa, fresh herbs and radicchio, drizzle with olive oil and serve. Add to your appetizer platters along with crumbled goat cheese for an original twist on bruschetta. Also, like their counterparts, Sweety Pepp… Read More

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