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Peace, Love, & Avocados!

Could there be a more perfect food than the glorious avocado? Nope! And lucky for us, it’s now officially avocado season, and we’ve got all summer to enjoy these green beauties. Haas avocados are the classic West Coast-grown variety, full of buttery, nutty flavor and dense with nutrients. In fact, just one little avocado has […]

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In Season! Honey-Lite Nectarines + Recipe

The first member of the esteemed “honey” line, the super sweet Honey-Lite Nectarine is now available in our stores! Rest assured the name does not mean it is light on flavor. These sub-acid nectarines are absolutely the sweetest, most flavorful nectarines of the season. Their beautiful deep red tones represent the rich sweet taste and […]

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Grilled Mexican Street Corn!

One of our favorite joys of summer is enjoying a warm, freshly grilled corn on the cob. It seems anywhere you turn, you can find some grilled version of corn, whether it’s at a summer fair, from a local street vendor, or prepared in your own backyard. Nothing beats the flavor of sweet corn with […]

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Sweet Blueberries for Memorial Day (Plus Recipe)

Blueberries could easily be named the most perfect berry. They are sweet, sometimes surprisingly tart, ultra nutritious, and are perfect for popping in your mouth for snack time. They are very forgiving and can be added to a variety of sweet desserts, savory dishes, compotes, and preserves…the options are limitless! Speaking of nutrition, blueberries are […]

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The Buttery Beauty of Burrata & Recipe!

Though pretty much everyone has tried mozzarella, the utter deliciousness of its cousin—Burrata Cheese—has been a bit of a secret until recently. If you haven’t tasted burrata yet, you are in for a treat; it’s a positively dreamy cheese. If you know any Italian, you might already have guessed what lies in store for you: […]

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The Best Fruits for Grilling

If you enjoy a good cookout, chances are you will be firing up your grill this Memorial Day weekend. There are plenty of great seasonal foods ready for the grill, such as our wild caught buttery halibut fillets, grill-ready entrees in our meat department, as well as our own handmade, savory stuffed burger patties! But […]

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Sweet & Savory Grilled Stonefruit Kabobs

Most people associate peaches as a fruit to be enjoyed out of hand, in a pie, or perhaps to flavor a nice summer tea…that is until recently. There’s a growing trend to enjoy stone fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines) in ways not considered “traditional”. The growing foodie lifestyle and social craze to share a photo on […]

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Tiger Striped Peppers for Cinco de Mayo

Stuffed Bell Peppers are always festive, delicious, and very forgiving. You can stuff a bell pepper with just about any blend of savory ingredients (and lots of cheese) and it is sure to come out a masterpiece. I often turn to stuffed peppers when I am in the mood for a warm and comforting casserole-like […]

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The Biggest & Sweetest Jumbo Blueberries + Recipe

Our idea of heaven? A heaping bowl of these luscious jumbo blueberries. Each one is bursting with sweetness, while still being firm enough to hold its own in your morning oatmeal. Perfection. Our jumbo blueberries will be available in store for a limited time. These berries are harvested when they have reached their maximum size […]

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Discover our Gourmet Baby Veggies + Recipe!

Since its inception, Bristol Farms has been known for the spectacular variety and quality in our offering, and our produce departments are – just one of many – prime examples of this. One category that’s been gaining some momentum, and increase in attention (hello Instagram posts!) is our gourmet baby vegetables. You can find miniature […]

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