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Bristol Farms‘ Authentic Hatch Valley New Mexico Chile Roasting

Authentic ‘Hatch Valley’ New Mexico Hatch Chiles are a favorite Southwestern chile. These chiles are named after the original growing area in Hatch, New Mexico. Growers say that the intense sunlight and cool nights in this valley result in a uniquely flavored chile. The valley, which stretches along the Rio Grande’s southern-most bend before crossing […]

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National Watermelon Day!

Today is National Watermelon Day! There’s no better time to celebrate watermelon than during the warm summer days. Watermelon is a perfect, clean, healthy, and hydrating snack for any day during the summer. Despite the belief that watermelon is only made up of water (92% in fact) and sugar, it is actually considered a nutrient-dense […]

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Avocado Dreamin’ – Ca Avocado Season

It’s California Avocado Season! Now’s the perfect time to enjoy these cool & creamy, buttery gems that are locally grown here in California. We are celebrating the Ca grown avocado in-store by offering you extra large Hass avocados, of course, amongst other great products such as our avocado sushi roll and sandwiches prepared fresh in […]

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In season – Honey Nectarines!

You’ve probably noticed a larger variety of stone fruits have made their way to the produce department of your local Bristol Farms. Stone fruit season is just starting, and each week many delicious varieties are reaching their optimal eating time. One of our favorite varieties, and one that happens to be in-store, sweet, and ready […]

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Locally Grown Ca Avocados from Del Rey Avocado

This Ca Avocado season, Bristol Farms is proud to partner with our Avocado growers at Del Rey Avocados. Meet Bob Siemer and Jessica Hunter, two growers out of Del Rey: Bob Siemer Bob’s career in the avocado farming industry began in 1974 when he started taking care of a 200-acre avocado orchard in Goleta, California. […]

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California Grape Season!

Summer is approaching and this is the perfect time to enjoy grapes from California.  Always the perfect snack on their own, grapes can be eaten pretty much anytime, anywhere.  When the temperatures soar, don’t forget that you can freeze grapes for a cool treat:  Just rinse them, pat them dry and then put them in […]

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Market Buy! Organic Blueberries

This weekend, our produce departments are featuring our 6 oz. California Grown Organic Blueberries as our produce Market Buy for $3.99 ea! Save $2.00 through May 10, 2015, while supplies last. Irresistibly sweet and delicious, our organic blueberries are a true gift from Mother Nature. These blueberries are midnight blue in color with a silver-white […]

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Locally Grown Avocados from Rancho Vasquez

California avocado season is here! We are proud to introduce Bristol’s Own Locally Grown Organic Avocados in a 20 oz. bag from our growers, Rancho Vasquez, in Asuza, CA. Here’s a little background on our growers, Rancho Vasquez out of Azusa, Ca. Rancho Vasquez Organic Avocados Rancho Vasquez is a local family owned and operated […]

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Meet the Chards!

Chard greens are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are high in vitamins k, a, and c, and have impressive amounts of nutrients such as magnesium and potassium, among many others. The variety of phytonutrients in chard can be seen in its vibrant colors, including the rich, dark greens in its leaves […]

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Celebrate Earth Day with Organic Greens

It’s Earth Day! Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 as a reminder of how each of us can do our part to be kind to our planet and leave less of a carbon footprint, which is the measure of the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product, […]

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