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Magnum Coffee – Spring Special Edition

As Spring is blooming, Bristol Farms is delighted to offer a special on the world’s finest coffee! Magnum Coffee is known for their Taste of the Exotics premium Kona blend and Jamaican blend. Now featured at Bristol Farms, each blend is on sale for only $12.99 for a 24oz bag—a deal compared to the charge [...]

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Introducing Heirloom Artichokes!

The Artichoke. One of the world’s oldest-known foods, Artichokes have delighted and nourished people for several thousand years. Today, Artichokes are enjoyed in every corner of the globe, and Bristol Farms is proud to offer the highest quality and tastiest varieties available within the market place.   Most artichokes are grown from seed, which can [...]

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Farm Fresh Bulk Eggs

Beginning March 1st, Bristol Farms is very proud to introduce our new Farm Fresh Bulk Egg program in our dairy departments.  Bristol Farms has teamed up with local farmer Billy Mouw (out of Chino California), and Rosemary Farms, to introduce this new egg program that offers our customers the freshest Cage Free Large egg on [...]

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Lady Alice Apples

There’s a new apple in town! Lady Alice apples, known as a “Washington Original” since they were discovered as a chance seedling in Washington State, are a new and distinct apple variety that possesses several unique and desirable characteristics, such as having a distinct pink stripe over a creamy-yellow background. These markings distinguish the Lady Alice from other known [...]

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Go Glass! With Lifefactory Glass Bottles

GO GLASS!  That is the mantra of a terrific new partner of ours named Lifefactory.  This innovative company was founded by two innovators in Sausalito, CA, Daren Joy and Pam Marcus, who both shared a passion and desire to elevate mobile hydration options for those who truly understood the benefits of hydration on the go. [...]

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In Season – Satsuma Mandarins!

Set in the fields of the San Joaquin Valley in the shadow of the Tehachapi Mountains, Johnston Farms is a four-generation farming operation dedicated to giving our customers a taste experience that’s second to none – fruits and vegetables that don’t just look good but provide a flavor experience our customers will remember. Known as [...]

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New Mac & Cheese!

The weather is certainly taking a turn as of late and there’s no better time to introduce some new Bristol Farms Mac & Cheese flavors during comfort food season! We have taken Macaroni and Cheese to a new level! We are proud to introduce two new flavors of mac & cheese conveniently packed in oven [...]

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Cuyama Orchards Locally Grown Organic Apples

Cuyama Orchards is nestled in the uppermost part of the Cuyama Valley in a rugged mountainous corner of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  The orchards are surrounded by towering peaks and National Forest.  At 3300’ in elevation, and on the interior of the Sierra Madre Coastal mountain range, Cuyama Orchards enjoys ideal weather for growing [...]

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Introducing Peet’s Coffee Holiday Blend

Each holiday, Peet’s Coffee seeks the year’s best beans to create a unique, celebratory blend for our stores to share with you! Celebrate the season and try this year’s Holiday Blend, which is in Bristol Farms stores now! This year’s blend provides a double layer of rich, Indonesian body combining the nut and spice notes [...]

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All Hallow’s Eve at Bristol Farms

All Hallow’s Eve (or what we commonly call Halloween) has been celebrated for hundreds of years all over the globe.  While many scholars profess that Halloween has its roots steeped in Western Christianity there are those that believe otherwise.  What is commonly agreed upon is the All Hallow’s Eve is the celebration or remembrance of [...]

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