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Bristol's Own Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

posted on October 15th, 2015 by John Savidan

Have you tried our Bristol’s Own 100% Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice found in our produce department? Our orange juice has been a customer favorite for years! Bristol Farms has long partnered with Perricone Family Farms to bring you the best quality, fresh squeezed orange juice, and here is why it is so good: For more than 80 years, the Perricone name and quality citrus in California have been synonymous.  The majority of the fruit that goes into our orange juice is grown on family owned farms in California, Texas, and Arizona. Perricone controls the fruit's journey from the trees to the bottle and doesn’t use any fungicide or pesticides that have not been cleared by the FDA. The orange juice is produced under such strict FDA health standards, and is not required to be pasteurized. Consequently, our juice is so fresh and nutritious, it can even be sold on ice vs. a refrigerated shelf. With this high level of freshness and purity, Perricone is fully certified year-round as Kosher… Read More

Cotton Candy Grapes!

posted on August 14th, 2015 by John Savidan

There's no need to visit the fair or circus to get a taste of the sugar-spun treat we all loved as kids. With Cotton Candy Grapes at Bristol Farms, you can now enjoy the sweet taste of Cotton Candy without the guilt of the sugar intake or artificial ingredients typically found in the real stuff. Cotton Candy Grapes get their unique sweet taste the all natural way. Our growers, the Grapery®, feed their fruit with organic-based fertilizers and compost. Unlike many others, they use drip irrigation so the fruit is supplied a precise amount of water and plant food. The process of growing Cotton Candy Grapes in a meticulous one - the Grapery® starts with grape varietals that have been developed over years of natural cross-breeding. The grapes are grown in fields under ideal growing conditions. Finally, they let their grapes mature on the vine until they have reached their perfect flavor - and sweetness - before harvesting them. It's quite the process, but to achieve the incredible… Read More

What's A Good Cinco De Mayo CelebrationWithout Tequila?

posted on May 5th, 2015 by Geoff Nicoll

Tequila, a derivative of the agave plant, is one of the most unique and misunderstood spirits. Not a form of cactus, but more directly related to the amaryllis or lily, the agave plant takes 8-10 years to achieve maturity in order to arrive at the necessary sugar levels (as opposed to the cane and grain spirits which can be harvested multiple times annually.) Upon maturity, the agave are hand-harvested by experienced field tenders called Jimadores, and the 80-100 lb Pina, or "heart", is hauled to the factory where it is split and steamed to concentrate the sugars. Following this ‘cooking’ process, the sections are milled and pressed, breaking the solids and releasing the sap for fermentation. Once this slow fermentation is complete, the juice is sent to the alembic pot stills to collect the vapors that form what we know as Tequila. The spirit is classified in three basic segments: Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo. Blanco, also known as Plata or Silver, is unaged in wooden casks… Read More

New! Camel Milk from Desert Farms

posted on March 26th, 2015 by Roger Arechiga

Guess what day it is! Well, it doesn’t have to be hump day to enjoy a fresh glass of Camel milk at Bristol Farms. Fresh Dairy has always been a staple at Bristol Farms, and this last year we met the good folks at Desert Farms and were introduced to their 100% Natural Camel Milk. It is a delicious drink of pure goodness. The taste is slightly sweet, creamy, and always refreshing! Milk is the heart of Desert Farms’ business, so it’s taken seriously. The milk has to taste great, but Desert Farms also strives to buy from farmers who look after their workers, herds, and the environment. The milk is sourced from US camel farmers only, of all types and sizes (large groups and tiny family farms) with an average herd of 6 camels. Their farmers are asked to use “Good Manufacturing Practices” and abide by fair minimum standards to improve their social and environmental performance year after year. Desert Farms’ strategy is to work with the farmers and help them to get there. About… Read More

Safe, Eco‑Friendly Products by The Honest Co.

posted on March 23rd, 2015 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

Once upon a time, a dad named Christopher and a mom named Jessica found themselves utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect products for their babies and homes. They both wanted an ideal; not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable – EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE IT! So, naturally, these dreamers set out to create products that they would be comfortable with based on their ideal, and that families all around can feel the same comfort level. This all stemmed from a belief that every baby deserved the best we can create for them. This was the inspiration behind the creation of The Honest Co., which provides natural, safe, beautiful, and effective products for your family & home. The Honest Co. line of products includes everything from diapering, feeding, bath & body, cleaning, vitamins, and more. With that, Bristol Farms was proud to partner with The Honest Co., and introduced a robust selection of their products in 2014 in… Read More

Edible Cookie Dough from Edoughble

posted on March 19th, 2015 by Roger Arechiga

Have you heard of the latest craze for edible cookie dough? Sure, people have been sneaking a bite of cookie dough while making cookies in their own kitchens for years, but there has always been the risk of getting sick from ingesting raw eggs that deters even the most eager. Now, sugar hungry, cookie dough loving people can rejoice! Exclusive to Bristol Farms is a safe, delicious edible cookie dough from Edoughble in the refrigerated section of our stores. Yum, yum! Edoughble is not your cookie-cutter cookie dough company. This new local company works from a small kitchen in Culver City and makes only one thing: obsessively amazing, small-batch cookie dough meant to be eaten the way cookie dough gods intended – unbaked in its pure, delicious doughy form. Homemade taste and quality are the highest priorities, which is why this cookie dough is made in small batches with the best, carefully selected ingredients, and most importantly, without eggs or preservatives making it safe to… Read More

Lady Alice Apples

posted on February 12th, 2015 by John Savidan

New to Bristol Farms produce departments is the Lady Alice Apple! Known as a "Washington Original", the Lady Alice apple was discovered as a chance seedling in Gleed, WA. It is a new and distinct apple possessing several desirable characteristics.   Appearance The Lady Alice has a distinct pink stripe over a creamy-yellow background that deepens to banana-yellow after harvest, which distinguishes it from other apples on the exterior.   Taste The Lady Alice is sweet with a hint of tartness and has a dense, crunchy texture. This apple is an excellent, all-purpose apple perfectly suited for eating fresh, cutting into salads or fruit trays, and a nice addition to prepared dishes. The apple holds its texture when baking, making it perfect for apple pies, pastries, and strudel.     Read More

Valentine's Day Treats from our Bakery

posted on January 27th, 2015 by Christophe Moreau

Valentine’s Day - If you’re anything like me, you never let a day go by without expressing your love and appreciation for the people that mean the most to you. But, once a year we get to lavish our sweethearts with bonus accolades, and how sweet those ‘bonuses’ can be. Valentine’s Day is such a fun time of year for the Bakery. You’ll find tons of red & pink adorning our shelves, hearts a plenty, sweets and chocolate galore. Who doesn’t love to get, or give for that matter, something sweet to their Valentine? While I promise you will have plenty of yummy treats to choose from, I wanted to share a couple of my favorites with you. Fortunately for me, my wife loves sweets, in particular, anything chocolate. Her favorite is our Signature Homemade Texas Chocolate Cake. Just for Valentines Day, our Bakeries sell this yummy cake in a heart shape and festively decorated. I’ll be serving it on a red plate accompanied by two of our beautiful Chocolate-Dipped Long-Stem… Read More

Explore Cheeses from France

posted on December 30th, 2014 by Carl Smith

When you think of French cheese, do you envision Brie, Camembert, and Roquefort? If you are at a loss for more varieties, then you don't know what you're missing! Every region of France crafts its own delicious cheeses, and the varieties available go far beyond the more common ones. Take a visit to our Cheese department and you'll be able to find some exquisite French cheeses, or should we say “fromage”? You're sure to discover a new cheese to entice your palette. Below are some recommendations for some incredible French cheese you must try:   Langres AOP Region: Champagne It is dense, oozy, creamy, and perfect for scooping up with a crusty baguette. It is stinky, but not "hit-you-over-the-head" stinky. Washed with brine, funky, milky, and grabs you by the taste buds. Serve with a Rhone Red Wine   Brie de Meaux Region: Ile de France (Brie) Brie from Brie! This is the closest we can get in the U.S. to the real deal. Our laws dictate that the cheese must be… Read More

Entertaining through the holidays…

posted on October 22nd, 2014 by Bristol Farms

Goodbye summer, hello fall! As we begin to say farewell to our brutally hot summer months, we anxiously look forward to welcoming in fall and its cooler temperatures. Even more exciting, the season of entertaining and major holidays is here! Of course, our Bristol Kitchens department has many wonderful items to help get you through the joyous (and certainly hectic at moments) time of the year. We have just received our beautiful entertaining product lines in-store and I invite you to come down and browse to see what suits your needs this holiday season. From decorations, tableware, stemware, cooking appliances and more, Bristol Kitchens has you covered. Here are just a few of our favorite items this year: Design Design The festive holiday line from Design Design is sure to dress up your dinner table. Paper tableware in napkins and plates featuring beautiful patterns, prints, solids, and custom designs are sure to impress your guests and make clean-up a breeze! Don't forget the holiday… Read More

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