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Introducing Heirloom Artichokes!

The Artichoke. One of the world’s oldest-known foods, Artichokes have delighted and nourished people for several thousand years. Today, Artichokes are enjoyed in every corner of the globe, and Bristol Farms is proud to offer the highest quality and tastiest varieties available within the market place.   Most artichokes are grown from seed, which can [...]

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Avocados for Game-Time

Did you know, it is predicted Americans will consume more than 104 million pounds of avocados during the Super Bowl?! That number makes up 32 percent more avocados than were consumed last year, which equates to nearly 104 million pounds or approximately 208 million avocados consumed during the game. That would be enough avocados to [...]

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Kid-Friendly Big Game Recipes!

The Big Game is this weekend and no matter who you are rooting for, good eats at any football gathering is a must! While Bristol Farms offers endless options for delicious, quick, and easy game-time snacks, we know there are a good majority of you that really like to get down and dirty in the [...]

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Juicing For the New Year

There’s no doubt the holidays are filled with loads of heavy, delicious, probably not-so-good-for-you foods but we all enjoy eating them, year after year! Right? It’s a time for friends and family, and even co-workers, to get together to have a great time over good conversation and delicious eats. So, it’s no wonder after 2-3 [...]

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Taste of Summer – Chilean Cherries!

It may be winter here in California, but it’s summer in Chile! That’s exactly why the Chilean Cherries being offered right now at Bristol Farms are at their peak in sweetness and are only here for a limited time. Chilean cherries have had an impressive growth in the last few years. A product which is [...]

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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes!

If you are like most households, you will probably be left with plenty of leftover turkey, stuffing, and all the fixins this holiday. If you are tired of the same old turkey sandwich, we don’t blame you! That’s why we asked Grace-Marie Johnston, Cooking School Director in our Manhattan Beach store, for some of her [...]

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Introducing Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla represents the partnership of two Pacific families, united by a passion for the world’s most sensual and exotic flavor and aroma. The richest grade of vanilla in the Asia Pacific region results from the perfect and natural growing environment in the Kingdom of Tonga. Organic growing principles are employed with the vanilla vines [...]

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Game Birds for the Holiday

Looking to serve something a little different and more creative this Thanksgiving?  In addition to our famous Natural, Free Range, Organic, & locally grown Turkeys, Bristol farms is also offering an entire line of wild game birds for the holidays too!  These birds are a fun and unique way make a memorable impression with your [...]

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Organic Honeycrisps for Fall!

Fall is right around the corner, September 22 to be precise, and that means sweet, bright, and crisp apples will at their peak in season. With so many varieties to choose from, one of our personal favorites is the Organic Honeycrisp™ variety. As the name of this variety implies, Honeycrisp is one of the sweetest [...]

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Springtime Mint Cucumber Lemonade

Bring on the Spring Lemonade this weekend… Yes, I know it is a bit early but we live in California! How can you go wrong? People will be working in their gardens, this weekend, enjoying the perfect weather and capping off with something refreshing to drink….don’t you think? Bristol Farms offers seasonal, unique recipes for [...]

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