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Cook like your life depends on it!

Cooking like your life depends on it is Joshua Rosenthal’s, Founder and Director of the Institute on Integrative Nutrition, main advice to people. As he puts it, “the food we take into our mouth goes into our stomach, where it gets digested and eventually assimilated into the bloodstream. Our blood is what creates our tissues, […]

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All Natural Wild Caught Jumbo Scallops

Have you ever prepared a scallop that ended up a little on the tough side and thought maybe you over cooked them?  In most cases, the scallops used were not natural scallops from the cold waters of Georges Bank off the coast of New England, U.S.A.  There are basically two ways scallops are packed; they […]

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Combat Inflammation through Diet

What is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s natural healing response; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process. As part of the immune response, acute inflammation is normally present in the body at low levels.  A few examples of acute inflammation include acute bronchitis, […]

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Summeripe Nectarines

Yellow Nectarines are in season and sweeter than ever! Our locally grown yellow nectarines are on sale for $2.49 lb through July 1st, so grab them while you can. I’d like to give you a little back-story on our nectarines – the history, uses, and information on our grower. Nectarines are a fantastic sweet/tart fruit […]

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Vegan protein – not just for vegans

It’s a common misconception that if a product is labeled as “vegan,” it only pertains to people who avoid all animal products. Herbivores and carnivores alike can equally benefit from the plentiful nutritious rewards vegan supplements provide, especially vegan protein powders. No matter where your dietary alliance lies, everyone should be aware of all the incredible […]

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The Season of “Donut” Peaches Continues…

We just started our most unique stone fruit variety of the year; the Galaxy Donut White Peach. These aptly named donut peaches are flatly shaped and have an elliptical shape like our own Milky Way Galaxy. The Donut peaches have a distinguished sweet taste and have some of the highest brix (sugar to acid ratio) […]

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Here come the plums!

Although we are 9 days away from officially starting summer, things are definitely starting to heat up. Highs have already passed the triple digit mark, and with temperatures remaining high, this ensures our summer fruit should be excellent,  sweet in flavor and aroma, and display beautiful colors. This especially holds true for Plums, Plums, Plums! […]

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Celebrating Donut Day in a Peachy Way

It’s National Donut Day! But, we’re celebrating donuts in a very different way. For a very limited time, two weeks in fact, our produce departments are offering Galaxy Donut White Peaches from Summeripe. These aptly named donut peaches are flatly shaped and have an elliptical shape like our own Milky Way Galaxy. The Donut peaches have […]

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A Healthy Twist on Snacks for the Stanley Cup

Our L.A. Kings will be battling it out with the New York Rangers starting tonight in this year’s Stanley Cup Final, and the series will take us well into the weekend. Surely, many will be enjoying the games from the comfort of their home with friends and some great snacks, as any sports game should […]

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Introducing Red Fox Cheddar

Red Fox Cheddar is handmade at Belton Farm where cheesemakers use a unique recipe that has been developed over many years. The cultures have been carefully selected to produce a cheese with an intense and complex blend of sweet, savory, and distinctively nutty flavors. Red Fox gets its color from the flavorless dye from the […]

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