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Now in Season! Fresh Northern Pacific Halibut

posted on May 13th, 2016 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Now in season is our fresh, wild caught Northern Pacific Halibut available in our Seafood Departments. Our halibut is caught from the icy waters of the North Pacific, and they are estimated to range from 30 to 60 lbs! We believe these halibut provide the absolute best in flavor, moistness, and flakiness, not to mention having the most cooking versatility. Bake, broil, BBQ, pan fry, or deep fry - you just can’t go wrong. Visit us soon for a chance to enjoy these beautiful fillets while they are available for the summer months. Are these coming from sustainable fisheries? Yes, indeed. Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game has set forth strict catch limits and policies. Will these limits and policies affect the availability to the consumer? At times, but these regulations will help make sure we’ll have these prized fish for years to come. Visit our Seafood Department soon to catch our fresh, seasonal halibut. Enjoy in our recipe below for Grilled Halibut Tacos with Chipotle… Read More

Citrusy Sumo Salmon Salad

posted on February 29th, 2016 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Sweet citrus is at the peak of the season and we've come up with some great recipes to enjoy it by. Here we pair our Fresh Atlantic Salmon with the sweetness of Sumo Mandarins in a delicious dinner salad that will have you going back for more. Sumo Mandarins are such a joy to eat - they are easy to peel, giant in size, and are one of the sweetest citrus varieties you will ever encounter. We recommend you try this recipe soon as Sumo Mandarins will be in season for only a few more weeks. Enjoy! Sumo Salmon Salad Serves 2 The Glaze: 2 tbsp. orange marmalade 2 tbsp. soy sauce 1 tbsp. light brown sugar salt & pepper The Salad: 1 pound fresh Atlantic salmon fillet 1 Bristol Farms 5 oz. spring mix salad blend 2 Sumo mandarins 1/4 cup fresh pomegranate arils The Dressing: 1/4 Bristol Farms Olive Oil 2 tbsp. fresh squeezed Sumo mandarin juice 2 tbsp. white wine vinegar Method: 1. Heat the broiler to medium heat and adjust the rack to 6 inches from the flames. Prepare a broil pan with… Read More

Bristol's Own Handmade Dungeness Crab Cakes

posted on February 19th, 2016 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Do you ever crave that Dungeness crab cake you had while on vacation somewhere in the Pacific Northwest?  How about being able to have a fresh, handmade Dungeness crab cake that you can take home and put on the stove without the added fuss or mess? Our Dungeness cakes are crafted right in our seafood department by adding our own special blend of all natural seasonings with fresh cooked Dungeness crab meat. By using the same high quality crab meat we sell on a daily basis, our crab cakes will also taste as fresh as if you just made them from scratch. Maryland might hold the tradition of crab cakes but these Pacific Northwest style crab cakes are sure coming on strong. If you prefer the delicate, slightly salty and sweet flavor of Dungeness crab, I think you’ll agree these cakes rival the Maryland style crab cakes - at least here on the West Coast. By the way, our handmade Dungeness Crab Cakes are on sale now through February 23. As with all wild caught seafood, certain fishing… Read More

Fish & Chip Fridays are back!

posted on February 16th, 2016 by Brian Casey

Captain's Orders! Get to your nearest Bristol Farms café for our Fish & Chip Fridays! Staring Friday, February 19, the cafés in our Rolling Hills, South Pasadena, Newport Beach, La Jolla, and Palm Desert stores will host our "back by popular demand" fish fry every Friday from 4-8pm. Your taste buds will be saying, "Aye Aye, Captain!"  Your meal will include two pieces of beer battered white cod fillets, cole slaw, tartar sauce, fresh lemon wedge, and  French fries all for $8.99.  We don't use just any beer batter; we use Widmer Hefeweizen to make our batter, which is absolutely fantastic! We even offer a kids meal, which includes 1 battered fish fillet, French fries, and a fruit cup for $6.99. We would love for you to join us!  Grab a cold beer to wash it down, or possibly a nice glass of white wine. Just close your eyes and imagine you are an outdoor enthusiast eating your catch on the shores of your favorite lake, hungry, relaxed and happy to be alive. Our Fish Fridays… Read More

Clear Springs® Rainbow Trout at Bristol Farms

posted on January 28th, 2016 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Imagine pure, drinkable spring water gushing out of the side of a canyon wall at a constant temperature of 58 degrees, even during the hot summer days. Above this “underground reservoir” is a surface covered with lava rock that serves as a natural water filter as the winter’s snow melts and sifts through it. After filtering through lava rock, this pure spring water gushes from the Snake River canyon walls into raceways where the trout can grow in their preferred water quality and temperature.  Pure, clean oxygenated water is essential for raising the finest Rainbow Trout. The Magic Valley is home to thousands of natural springs generated by Idaho’s Snake River Plain. Today, Rainbow Trout are grown in large-scale, continuously controlled production facilities. While three species are farmed commercially—Rainbow, Brook, and Brown—by far the most popular is the Rainbow Trout, native to the West. More than 70% of all Rainbow Trout raised in the U.S. is grown in a 30-mile… Read More

Champagne and Caviar for the Holidays

posted on December 22nd, 2015 by Rich Ferranda

While the image of caviar and champagne conjures visions of black ties, white linens, and the finest crystal, it needn’t be so. Admittedly, it is a bit decadent, and luxurious, but not necessarily price prohibitive. Caviar, whether it be the highly prized Golden Osetra, or the California White Sturgeon “Royal Reserve”, is something that everybody should incorporate in at least one culinary experience. Yes it is salty as it is fish roe that is salted for preservation, but it is widely touted as a healthy indulgence that does more than just your taste-buds good. It is packed with Vitamins A, B6 and B12, E as well as Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, and a few other essentials. So good for you that it is often incorporated in skin treatments at many of the finest spas. I’m not sure I would rather wear it than eat it, but there is science that promotes a myriad of benefits. Back to basics - Caviar, when fresh and high quality, is a wonderful compliment to a variety of dishes such as… Read More

Holiday Sushi, Poke, & Seafood Party Platters

posted on December 21st, 2015 by Craig Tsuchiyama

This year, our Sushi and Seafood Departments are proud to feature a whole new line up of party platters for the holidays! For close to 30 years, Bristol Farms has been making fresh sushi every day. Each morning, our sushi experts cook fresh rice, mix in our own special rice vinegar blend, and cut and slice high quality seafood so they can provide the best take-out sushi available. Our sushi platters are no different. In fact, all of our sushi platters are made fresh just prior to your pick-up time. Our sushi platters are made with all the favorites: Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Volcano Roll, Dragon Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, plus many others. Many of our platters will now feature a combination of our signature rolls and our fresh made Poke. From Hawaii to Japan, we’ve got it covered. Order a fresh platter for your next holiday gathering - we’re sure your guests will be pleased. We request a call 24 hours in advance to place an order. Click here for our locations and… Read More

Frozen at Sea Salmon

posted on November 6th, 2015 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Do you miss having fresh tasting fish during the winter months, and getting the essential intake of Omega-3 fatty acids that only fish like Salmon can provide? We’re proud to introduce our Frozen-at-Sea Salmon (FAS) product which is a better quality and fresher tasting fish than some of our fresh fish products. During the peak of the season, some King and Coho salmon are frozen-at-sea, which allows year-round availability of a superior product. These fish are actually “fresher than fresh”, are of better quality, and are better tasting than some of our fresh fish products. The technique has been perfected over the last decade. The key is immediate, rapid freezing at very low temperature (minus 40° F) known as cryogenic freezing. It is accomplished right on the fishing boat while the salmon’s cells are still alive and pliable. Next, the fully frozen fish are dipped several times in freshwater. This gives them a thin coating of ice which seals in moisture and prevents… Read More

Mediterranean Branzino

posted on September 11th, 2015 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Our seafood departments are proud to feature Branzino from the Mediterranean during our Foods From Around the World celebration going on in-store from September 9 - October 6. Branzino is a silver-skinned fish found in the European sea and saltwater lakes. It goes by many names, such as European sea bass, spigola, loup de mer, róbalo, and lubina. Branzino ranges in size from one-and-a-half to three pounds. It has a firm, white, delicate-flavored flesh that is almost sweet. Its few small bones make for easy filleting or preparing whole. It's a prized fish in Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisines and is often prepared grilled, roasted, poached, steamed, or braised whole. Branzino really shines in the recipe below for Lemon Stuffed Grilled Branzino. Enjoy! Lemon Stuffed Grilled Branzino Recipe by Barbara Lynch www.foodandwine.com Serves 4 Ingredients: Four 1-pound whole branzino - scaled and gutted, heads and tails removed Salt and freshly ground pepper 4 thyme sprigs 4 bay… Read More

Clear Springs Trout with Blueberry Hatch Sauce

posted on August 24th, 2015 by Craig Tsuchiyama

Bristol Farms' Seafood department has been offering its customers excellent quality boneless Rainbow Trout fillets from Clear Springs for years! Clear Springs has been our trusted partner for Rainbow Trout and for three main reasons: freshness, a 100% bone free guarantee on their clear-cut fillets, and their commitment to responsible aquaculture practices. Clear Springs Rainbow Trout is raised in pure, clean oxygenated water along a 30-mile stretch of the Snake River in the Magic Valley. This is the very reason the trout offered by Clear Springs is second to none. Rainbow trout is slightly nutty and sweet in flavor, with a tender flesh. The larger the fish (1kg or more), the more flavor. Rainbow Trout is very versatile and can be enjoyed baked, broiled, poached, steamed, grilled, and pan fried. Try pan frying in a bit of melted butter with some salt & pepper for a quick and simple meal, or bring out your inner chef with our Grilled Clear Springs Rainbow Trout with Blueberry Hatch… Read More

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