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Avocado-Hatch Chile Fiesta Gift Baskets

What is a perfect gift? What do you offer the person who has everything? What should I bring to the BBQ or party? These are questions I often ask myself during gift-giving occasions, or even a simple visit to a friend’s house. As Bristol Farms’ Kitchens and Gift Director, I instantly recognized the opportunity to […]

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The Countdown to Hatch!

It’s the Roast with the Most! We’re counting down the days (18 of them, in fact) to our 7th annual Hatch Chile Celebration! This is a very exciting time for us and our chile-loving customers who travel both near and far to get a taste of the authentic green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico. You […]

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Essential Tools for Making Pie

Whenever I think of peach season, I reminisce about a farm we used to visit up in Acton to pick fresh, sweet peaches. Naturally, we would go home with our peaches and have a pie baking celebration. I just love making peach pies this time of year. If you’ve ever made a pie, you know […]

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Peach Pairs with….Cheese?

Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, and other soft fruits are in season! While they are all deliciously eaten on their own, these sweet fruits can also be paired with savory items and added to a number of recipes. One pairing we are particularly fond of is our Summer Flame peaches and a variety of cheeses, like Ricotta, […]

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Peach Kabobs & Sausage

To help celebrate Bristol Farms’ Power of the Peach 4-week promotion, our Meat Departments are proud to offer our delicious seasonal Peach Marinated Chicken and Pork Kabobs, as well as our Fresh Peach Infused Handmade Chicken Sausages. Both are here for a limited time! Our peach marinated chicken and pork kabobs start with quality ingredients. […]

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Peach Recipes for the Summer

The 4th of July holiday may be over, but summer is just getting started. Beat the heat this summer with some delicious peach recipes that are sure to cool you down while satiating your thirst, hunger, and sweet tooth.   Summeripe White Peach Mojito Ingredients: 3 to 4 very ripe Summeripe White Peaches 1 lime, […]

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Sweet Peach in our Deli

There is something about the warm summer months and the sweetness of a peach – they go perfectly together, especially in dishes that require no cooking! That is why our Food Service teams have dreamed up the perfect dishes for our Power of the Peach promotion going on in stores through July 28th. Be sure […]

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It’s Hollywood Bowl Season!

Last Saturday, my family officially kicked off summer by attending the Playboy Jazz Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a blast! Of course, what made the night extra special was all the great stuff we picked up from Bristol Farms prior to the show. We knew we wanted some great wine and small bites […]

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Avocado Dreamin’ – Ca Avocado Season

It’s California Avocado Season! Now’s the perfect time to enjoy these cool & creamy, buttery gems that are locally grown here in California. We are celebrating the Ca grown avocado in-store by offering you extra large Hass avocados, of course, amongst other great products such as our avocado sushi roll and sandwiches prepared fresh in […]

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The Ultimate in Burger Cheese – Castello® Burger Blue

It’s grilling season, and burgers are a must-enjoy. Nothing goes better on a burger than a slice of gooey, melted cheese, and if you’re like me, then you understand my love for pairing the tang of blue cheese with burgers and steaks. Typically, blue cheese is crumbled atop your choice of meat, but now there […]

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