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Grass-Fed, Free-Range Lamb

At Bristol Farms, we offer the most extensive variety of items to choose from in the marketplace. Our Lamb will NEVER receive any type of growth promoting hormones from the day they are born. They are also fed a strict vegetarian diet. Like beef, lamb has a rich red color, but the meat is generally […]

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Paski Sir Cheese

Let us introduce you to Paski Sir Cheese, a sheep milk cheese from the Croatian island of Pag. It is regarded as the most famous of Croatian artisan cheeses. Paski Sir looks like an aged Parmesan with a thick, honey-colored rind and flecks of protein crystals, but the smell and taste are a bit nuttier […]

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From Around the World, Olive Oil Tasting

During our Foods from Around the World tribute, Bristol Farms is proud to feature an extensive collection of olive oils from around the world. When you visit the store, it can be an intimidating task to determine which olive oil to purchase unless you have become accustomed to a particular one. Well, we’re here to […]

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New at Bristol Farms-Pizza Romana!

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know chowing down on lots of pizza is a must! There is just something about the way Italians make pizza; the thin perfectly baked dough, light sauce, and perfect proportion of fresh ingredients…it’s divine to enjoy, especially with the backdrop of cities such as Rome, or Naples. While […]

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Take a trip to Portugal with São Jorge Cheese

São Jorge cheese is made on the island of São Jorge which is located in the central group of the archipelago of the Azores.  This island is made up of lush green fields which are grazed upon by countless cows that provide the milk for the dairy industry.  The art of cheese making on this […]

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Favorite Imports – Di Martino Pasta!

Di Martino pasta is a 3rd generation family owned company that just celebrated their 100th year in business! Manufactured exclusively from Italian grown durum wheat, Di Martino is proud to have been awarded the Product Protected by Geographical Indication (IGP – Indicazione Geografica Protetta) “Pasta di Gragnano” insignia.  Recognizing that the city of Gragnano, perched […]

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Malbec By Another Name…

Known in its indigenous land as Côt, or Auxerrois, the rest of the world knows it as Malbec. It has been around for hundreds of years, but was made famous by Argentina in the last decade. It is known by well over a hundred synonyms and is grown in more than 30 departments in France. […]

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Imported from France, Fallot Mustards

Léon BOULEY founded a mustard mill and oil producers way back in 1840. It was not long before the quality of his products were noticed and recognized by his peers, resulting in the award of a diploma from the City of PARIS, in 1903 during the Great International Exhibition. Today, in BEAUNE, the FALLOT COMPANY, […]

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Our Favorite Imports – Tuscan Ham

Slow Roasted Ham Parmacotto (slow roasted ham with herbs) is one of our favorite imports featured in our Foods from Around the World promotion. From the hills of San Gimignano, which is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, north-central Italy, this flavorful, grilled ham is made in the true […]

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Visiting an Old French Cheese – Fourme d’Ambert

From the Auvergne region, Fourme d’Ambert is known to be one of France’s oldest cheeses.  It is made using pasteurized cow’s milk (although sometimes it is made with raw milk) and inoculated with Penicillium Roqueforti spores and aged for 28 days.   The shape is unique as it is in a cylindrical shape, not a traditional […]

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