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Hatch Chile Fiesta Roll!

It’s Hatch Chile time and Bristol Farms is now roasting them fresh every day!  While Hatch Chile’s popularity mainly exists with a variety of Hispanic deli and bakery dishes, we’ve found other ways of presenting its unique flavor into other ethnic foods.  Sushi and it’s “Westernization” has developed into much more than its fish and [...]

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Hatch Chile Chicken Sausage!

Back by popular demand, Bristol Farms’ special recipe of Hatch Chile Chicken Sausages are now available, but for a limited time!  It’s Hatch Chile season once again, and while these amazing chiles are only available for a month, Bristol Farms stores are loaded with in-house recipes and meals that will add some spice to your [...]

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Hatch Chiles in our Bakery!

Every August, our Bakeries start buzzing with Hatch Chile anticipation and this year is no exception! We are so excited to offer a variety of fresh baked treats featuring our freshly roasted authentic New Mexico Hatch Chiles.   Hatch Chiles have a meaty flesh and the mild-medium heat make them a perfect addition to our [...]

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Hatch Chile Potato Salad

As if potato salad wasn’t good enough, our #1 seller in our deli has been taken to a new delicious level! It’s Hatch Chile season and, naturally, we had to add Hatch Chiles to our famous potato salad to give it a small kick! If you are familiar with our regular potato salad, we start [...]

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Bristol’s Own Hatch Valley Salsa!

Are you a serious Hatch Chile head? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Bristol Farms is proud to introduce our new Hatch Valley salsa in the sweet & heat line of Bristol’s Own salsas. Finally, a Hatch salsa that delivers at every level! Taste and texture make this new Bristol Farms salsa the most [...]

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Ornamental Pepper Plants

Chiles and peppers aren’t just enjoyed while eating; they’re perfectly suited for decorating your home too! Pepper plants such as Ornamental Peppers are great for spicing up home decor and are arriving soon to all our Bristol Farms stores. We expect the first shipment of these lovely plants the weekend of August 10th and will [...]

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Cheddar of the Month! Hatch Pepper Cheddar

Hatch Pepper Cheddar is made in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy land, near Kiel Wisconsin by Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese company. Henning’s was started in 1914 by Otto and Norma Henning who devoted their lives to producing quality cheese. Henning’s gets their milk from small local farmers who pasture feed their cows along with feeding them [...]

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Clean Out Your Freezers – Hatch Chile 2013

It’s that time of year again! Join us for our 5th annual Hatch Chile roasting season with Melissa’s Produce at Bristol Farms! Year-round, we celebrate many well deserving foods and drinks, but nothing comes close to our beloved Hatch Chile! There is no chile like it in this world; Hatch Chiles yield the best flavor [...]

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