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You don’t know wine until you know Riedel

You may be wondering how I can possibly make a statement such as the title of this blog, “You don’t know wine until you know Riedel.” Well, this is the best way I can express what I have learned from my experience with this centuries-old glassware producer out of Austria. When we partnered with Riedel, […]

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Summer Sippin’ Wines & Accessories

Our Summer Sippin’ promotion is well underway and the response thus far (from you) has been spectacular!  This celebration of Summertime wines and all of the complimentary accessories (aka cool stuff) are really something to behold and enjoy. Let’s talk about some cool wines you should definitely try: Drouet Le Muscadet A true underdog for […]

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The Other Cabernet – Cabernet Franc

In the timeless and indelible words of the great Rodney Dangerfield, “I don’t get no respect.” Or some would say the other Cabernet, the Cabernet that lives in the shadows. All the world watches Cabernet Sauvignon while Cabernet Franc, the original Cabernet and integral part of the wine world, waits for its day in the […]

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The Wines of Loire Valley

As a fan of the Loire Valley, its breathtaking landscape, delicious cheeses and of course its spectacular wines, I feel it is justified to help shed some light on some fantastic finds that were discovered on a jaunt to the beautiful countryside. Following a string of good vintages, 2009 through 2011, it was destined that […]

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Everything’s coming up Rosés

Summer is just heating up and the season of pinks is in full swing! Considered the birthplace of rosé, the South of France has become synonymous with these glorious and tantalizing gems that bring such joy to the table. Fortunately, we have shaken the stereotype that pinks are sweet as largely most are not. They […]

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