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Champagne and Caviar for the Holidays

While the image of caviar and champagne conjures visions of black ties, white linens, and the finest crystal, it needn’t be so. Admittedly, it is a bit decadent, and luxurious, but not necessarily price prohibitive. Caviar, whether it be the highly prized Golden Osetra, or the California White Sturgeon “Royal Reserve”, is something that everybody […]

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Nouveau Beaujolais 2014

Coming Thursday, November 20th!!! AT ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT on the third Thursday of each November, from small villages and towns, over a million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin their journey through a sleeping France to Paris for immediate shipment to all parts of the world. Banners proclaim the good news: Le Beaujolais Nouveau est […]

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It’s Time to Pear Up for the Holidays!

It’s fall and pears are at their peak! This season, Bristol Farms is celebrating the sweet and wonderful pear by offering pairing suggestions, recipes, and more in-store. Often enjoyed on their own, did you know every pear variety can match up beautifully with cheese and wine? Each pear variety is unique in its texture and […]

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A New Club 90

Our next CLUB 90 promotion comes at the right time of year. The holidays are just around the corner where Fall and Winter feasts will need the right kind of wine – and there are stockings ready to be stuffed with some liquid gems. These 90+ point libations hail from bona fide sources, be it […]

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A NEW 10 under $10

Just in time to celebrate the holidays, we introduce our newest, most spectacular promotion of 10 under $10 wine buys.   These wines are not only chosen for their inexpensive nature, but because of their abundant qualities of aroma, body, palate pleasing attributes and sound finish.  They are aggressively priced to fit all budgets.  And unlike […]

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Bristol Farms Wine Selection #2

A victim of our own success, or so it would seem. With the launch of our Bristol Farms Selection wines, we set forth to offer a fun and unpretentious wine that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis, that is delicious and affordable. No easy task. There are cheap wines and there are inexpensive wines, […]

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A Cider a Day…

Historians trace the consumption of Hard Cider back to pre-60BC, prior to the Roman invasion of England. Upon their arrival, they encountered natives whom had utilized apples in its production. They of course brought this beguiling discovery home and at once began to refine and perfect the process. The Greeks and Romans are credited for […]

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Selecting Wines – We Make it Easy!

Here’s a conundrum – you’re dying to try this new wine or spirit, you’ve heard good things about it, read good press, but you’re still not convinced. You’ve been disappointed before and wish you could sample the product beforehand. We all like surprises, but not unwanted ones. So you walk away, right?…Not necessarily, so put […]

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Wine Region of the Month – Argentina!

I had the great pleasure of visiting the vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina during their recent harvest of late March, the reverse time period of our own northern hemisphere harvests. Argentina (the word is derived from the Latin argentum, meaning “silver”) is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world..  The earliest evidence of humans […]

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A New Club 90 & Affordable Wine Act

Club 90 This promotion has developed into a “cult classic”, whereby we offer good value wines that rate 90 points or better from bona fide sources, be it Parkers’ Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, Stephen Tanzer, etc.  We do not buy wines based solely on scores, although they are an important element to promoting those wines […]

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