New! Veal Paupiettes

Veal Paupiettes are now available at Bristol Farms! A paupiette is a traditional French dish that can be made using ground or thinly sliced meat & stuffed with a variety of savory fillings. It is a featured cuisine of Normandy, and is typically braised or baked in wine or stock. Bristol Farms is now introducing […]

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New! organicgirl Salad Love Dressings

Our customers have already fallen in love with the salad blends by organicgirl, so we’re very excited to bring you a new line of delicious salad dressing from organicgirl – Salad Love Vinaigrettes! With four very unique flavors, Salad Love dressings will turn any ordinary salad into extraordinary! Salad Love dressings abide by the following […]

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In Season! Lilacs

There is nothing better than a large bouquet of Lilacs on the kitchen table in the early spring. The pleasant, sweet scent of a freshly picked Lilac bouquet fills the room and permeates the whole house! I just love them! Bristol Farms’ Floral Shops are now offering Lilacs imported from Holland for $19.99 a bunch. […]

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Passover Catering from Bristol Farms

Passover begins this evening and ends on April 11th. Bristol Farms Catering has been working hard to design the perfect Seder for all of our Jewish families and friends. We talked with our customers and with our in-house Jewish foods experts to build a menu that offers a selection of fresh spring dishes. Whether you […]

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California’s Next Gold Rush – Beers!

It’s definitely Not Fools Gold, and it is a gold rush of sorts; a revolution, the beginning of a movement, the likes few have ever seen. Beer is a curious potion. Its roots go back to the 5th millennium B.C., and was documented in Egyptian and Mesopotamian writings. Vessels from the era were identified to […]

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This Easter, let us do the cooking!

There is nothing I love more than watching my “twenty-something-year-old” children run around with an empty bucket looking for eggs all around the perimeters of our home.  I am so joyous when this is taking place because they really do act like little children again.  They laugh, they tease, they fight over the eggs and […]

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Holiday Hams – Why We’re Better

Bristol Farms has everything to celebrate this Easter holiday. From quiche and scalloped potatoes in our Deli, a full Easter menu offering from Catering, to rib roasts and lamb in our Meat department…and don’t forget the ham! We are offering two varieties this holiday, and here’s why our hams are better: Kurobuta Ham The Kurobuta […]

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Beautiful Easter Lilies

Gorgeous, big, beautiful, bright, and fragrant are words that can only be describing Easter Lilies! I love this time of year, and after many years of working in the floral industry, the Easter Lily still holds a special place in my heart. Our Double Bulb Easter Lilies arrived March 24th, and will be here for […]

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New! Camel Milk from Desert Farms

Guess what day it is! Well, it doesn’t have to be hump day to enjoy a fresh glass of Camel milk at Bristol Farms. Fresh Dairy has always been a staple at Bristol Farms, and this last year we met the good folks at Desert Farms and were introduced to their 100% Natural Camel Milk. […]

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Safe, Eco-Friendly Products by The Honest Co.

Once upon a time, a dad named Christopher and a mom named Jessica found themselves utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect products for their babies and homes. They both wanted an ideal; not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable – EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE IT! So, naturally, these dreamers set out […]

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