cheese varieties

Blue-Veined: Blue-Veined cheese is made by adding Penicillium Roqueforti to the milk. The cheese makers insert holes into the wheels to allow oxygen into the interior of the cheese thus encouraging mold growth and enabling carbon dioxide produced by the mold to escape.

We have over 15 varieties of blue cheese, from double cream to triple cream, soft and creamy, to aged and crumbly. Bristol Farms has a blue cheese for you. We carry American Artisan blue cheese, as well as imports from around the world including countries such as Spain, France, New Zealand, and beyond.

Soft -Ripened: This category is home to Brie and Camembert. Their curds are cut into large, 1-inch cubes to help retain moisture. The milk and surface are treated with Penicillium Candidum, a beneficial mold that develops a distinctive soft, velvety growth on the surface (known as bloomy rind).

At Bristol Farms, we take pride in bringing the best to our customers. With over two dozen soft- ripened cheeses, we are sure to find a favorite for you. Choose from double cream, triple cream, stuffed with truffles, or wrapped in a puff pastry. We also offer soft -ripened cheese made from goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, and mixed milk. Don’t forget to ask your cheesemonger for suggestions on condiments to compliment your cheese selections.

Semi-Soft: Semi-soft cheeses are usually higher in moisture than firm, hard cheeses and the flavors range from mild and buttery to pungent and earthy. Some of the fuller flavored cheeses are known as washed-rind or surface-ripened. This category is home to Gouda, Havarti, Jack, and Port Salut.

Washed Rind: Surface is treated with a special bacteria and yeast at close intervals to encourage growth of the smear. This variety ripens starting from the outside. Washed Rind cheese can be treated with beer, wine, oil, brandy, cider, or brine. These cheeses generally have a soft or semi-soft interior, and the aroma can be quite pungent. This category includes Limburger, Tallegio, and French Muenster. The washed rind category is not limited to semi-soft cheeses; there are several varieties of soft-ripened, semi-hard, and even hard cheeses that are washed rind.

Semi -Hard: These cheeses pick up where semi-soft cheeses end and span into the hard or firm category. Most of these cheeses begin soft in texture and with aging from months to years become more firm. This category contains rindless, dry rind, and washed rind cheese varieties. Curd is cut small promoting a firmer body. These cheeses age well, and the flavor, body, and texture change over time. This category includes Cheddar, Emmental, Gruyere, and Swiss.

At Bristol Farms, we offer cheddars aged from 9 months to 10 years (check store for availability). You can choose from a mild creamy cheddar, dry crumbly cheddar, or flavored cheddar.

You can’t have cheddar without a great Swiss! We have your everyday sandwich Swiss to the more extravagant Gruyere and Emmental. These are perfect for adding variety to your cheese platters, melting on a gratin, and of course, fondue. Ask your cheesemonger for a sample today.

Fresh: These cheeses are not cut, pressed or ripened (with the exception of feta, which is pressed to form). Example: goat cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone.

Pasta Filata: Pasta Filata cheese varieties originated in Italy. The term “pasta filata” translates to spun paste and refers to the way the curds are kneaded and stretched during production. The curds are dipped in hot water then kneaded until they resemble pulled taffy. Curds are molded into a variety of shapes. Cheese is placed in brine briefly before packaging or aging. This category includes fresh mozzarella, mozzarella, provolone, Burrata, and string cheese.

At Bristol Farms, we have a wonderful assortment of fresh cheeses. We have your traditional fresh mozzarella, imported buffalo mozzarella, and several fresh goat cheeses. Don’t forget about our wonderful Burrata! Made locally here in Southern California, we have the freshest Burrata available. Soft, creamy, and decadent, all you need to do is drizzle it with olive oil and cracked pepper, and you have an incredible appetizer.

Hard Cheese: This category includes Asiago, Grana Padano, Kasseri, Reggiano Parmesan, and Romano. Hard cheeses have lower moisture content than soft cheeses. They are generally packed into molds under more pressure and aged for a longer time. Hard cheeses are good for grating and make a nice table cheese.

American Artisan
For those of you who do not understand what an Artisan cheese is, let us explain. The word “artisan” or “artisanal” implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand in small batches.

Over the years, American cheese makers have been hard at work. They have developed several outstanding cheeses that can go up against any imported cheese. Here at Bristol Farms, we take pride in our artisan cheese variety. We have beautiful soft- ripened cheeses made from goat or cow milk, as well as aged cheeses made in a very traditional way.

Farmstead Cheese
Farmstead cheeses are also very special to us at Bristol Farms. These cheeses are made with the milk from the farmer’s own heard or flock on the farm where the animals are raised. The milk used in the production of farmstead cheese cannot be obtained from an outside source.

Specialty Cheese
Bristol Farms has a great offering of imported specialty cheeses. These cheeses are flown in from all over the world every two weeks. We have a beautiful triple milk, soft-ripened cheese from Italy, made with goat, cow, and sheep milk. Covered in a white mold, the inside is creamy, soft, and full of flavor. From France, we offer several items including an assortment of mini cheeses made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. Selections may vary, so be sure and ask your cheese monger about new and upcoming items.

Specialty Butter and Yogurt
At Bristol Farms, we carry several imported butters. We offer an award winning Occelli Butter from Italy, as well as butters from England, Ireland, France, and Germany! We also carry a great assortment of specialty yogurts, from 0% to 10% fat.

Traditional Cheese
At Bristol Farms, we have over 400 varieties of cheese including imported specialty products as well as your every day variety. Below is just an example of the more traditional cheeses you may be aware of:

  • Boursin
  • Jarlsberg Swiss
  • Alouette Spreads
  • Tillamook Cheddar
  • Polly O Ricotta and Mozzarella
  • Supreme Brie