Peets coffee, tea, and sweets!

Here at Bristol Farms, we are proud to offer Peet's Coffee & Tea at all of our locations. We not only offer an array of fresh whole bean coffees, but also delightful teas, delicious drinks, and scrumptious chocolates! You can come in any day of the week and get everything from a fresh cup of steaming coffee or tea to some hand-roasted, coffee from Peet's, to the most delicious chocolates from some of the best chocolatiers!

We offer many varietal roasts; from the signature Major Dickason's Blend made from top-quality Pacific and Latin American beans to an earthy and complex Garuda Roast from the Indonesian Islands.

Your cup awaits you!...Most of our locations also operate a full-service coffee bar with trained Baristas ready to make the perfect Latte or Cappuccino, just the way you like it...

While you sip on your favorite drink, why not take a look or two at our incredible chocolate case...filled to the brim with mouth-watering treats! From the legendary Godiva Chocolatiers, to the imaginative Moonstruck Chocolates, not to mention the local and amazingly delicious Xan Confections.

We're not just an ordinary coffee bar, we're your extraordinary coffee bar where you are greeted by name. The Barista will already be making your drink by the time you walk up to the counter (we know, it's a habit and you’re a regular!).