fresh whole bean coffee

In 1961, Alfred Peet opened the first Peetís Coffee & Tea store. His style of coffee was a radical departure from what was then available at that time, emphasizing smaller batches, freshness, superior quality beans, and a darker roasting style that produced coffee with richness and complexity.

Over the past four decades, Peet's growth has been fueled by ever-increasing numbers of coffee lovers across the nation. Peetís has remained true to the quality tenets of their founder, inspired by the same unrelenting pursuit of quality. Our relationship with Peet's Coffee & Tea has flourished for over ten years due in fact to the similarities in code of conduct, superior product, and a love of everything that's good in life!

We are fortunate to offer you a wonderful assortment of coffee from around the world! Have you sat on an island paradise in Indonesia and sipped a cup of coffee? Or climbed the mountains of Central America to find the sweet aromatic beans of Colombia? How about the ancient lands of Africa & Arabia? Here at Bristol Farms, we bring you the world...of beans. Imagine yourself anywhere with a great cup of coffee and savor the aroma, depth, and complexities of Peet's Coffee & Teas!

single origin coffees

Guatemala - superbly aromatic, well-balanced with medium body, lively acidity, overtones of spice and chocolate. A coffee of the Americas.

Colombia - a full-bodied coffee, with balanced acidity and a sweet rounded flavor. Peet's uses only the best 'typica arabica' beans from the southern Colombian province of Huila.

Sumatra - the classic Indonesian coffee. Our Sumatra is sweet and somewhat earthy with pronounced herbal nuances. Very heavy in body and full-flavored, it is one of Peetís best-selling coffees.

signature blends

Garuda Blend - a well-balanced, full-bodied blend of coffees from the Indonesian Islands with a nutty, aromatic, and slightly earthy flavor. Garuda Blend is named for the great bird that carries the Hindu God Vishnu, guardian of the world.

Major Dickason's Blend - our signature blend. A full-bodied, broad-flavored, and balanced coffee made from top-quality Pacific and Latin American beans.

dark roast

French Roast - Peet's darkest roast. Intense in flavor, yet smooth in acidity with a complex and smoky aroma. A blend of high-grown, strictly hard-bean Latin American coffees.

Italian Roast - a balanced, intense, and delicious dark roast coffee blend. Made from the fullest-bodied, most flavorful coffees from the Pacific and Latin America. Great for both brewed coffee and espresso.

decaffeinated coffees

Decaf House Blend - lively and flavorful. Because it's roasted in Peet's unique style, it offers considerably more body and aromatic complexity than one usually finds in a decaffeinated coffee.

Decaf French Roast - Peet's signature French Roast is achieved in this decaffeinated version by roasting a blend of decaffeinated Latin American coffees a little hotter and longer than other roasts.