charcutarie & fine foods

For those special occasions, we are proud to offer a variety of the finest quality caviar, smoked fish, pate, and truffles. Whether you choose imported caviar from the Caspian Sea or our sustainable farm raised Domestic California caviar, we have what you want. Try our selection of smoked fish including Scottish, Atlantic, and Norwegian style lox, hot smoked salmon, smoked ruby red trout, or traditional smoked Lake Superior white fish.

When it comes to our pate, we use only traditional French recipes. We have a selection to satisfy your taste, ranging from light creamy mousses which include the coveted Foi Gras, to course grind wild game, and country pates. Fresh Italian black or white truffles are truly a hard treasure to find. While in season and available, we are happy to special order them for you. We have them flown in and are ready for you to pick up within 48 hours.