all about orchids

Over the centuries, orchids have become identified with wealth, elegance, and worldliness. And, if cared for properly, the orchid plant can be handed down from generation to generation and can live a long life.

Bristol Farms offers only the finest locally grown orchids that make the perfect gift. They come in a huge array of colors to complement any décor. From casual to elegant, and are available year round.

caring for your orchid – phalaenopsis (phal):

Light: Phals like bright filtered light with no direct sun. Leaves should be glossy medium green and increase in size with each new leaf. Bottom older leaves that turn brown and fall off are normal and expected. Maintain a warm environment with good air movement.

Temperature: Should be 60°F at night and not to exceed 85°F in the day throughout the year. Bloom spike initiation can come out in December to February naturally. A 15 – 20° F day to night differential is helpful for spike growth.

Watering: Do not allow plants to dry out. Keep potting soil to a medium moisture level. Be especially cautious of over watering. Water your orchid about every 10-14 days, or even longer depending on temperature & moisture. Place orchid pot under running tepid water and leave on counter/sink to drain.

After it is well drained, place orchid back into decorative pot and enjoy. It is best to water in the morning so plant can begin to dry before nightfall

Feeding: Use NPK 20-20-20 (water soluble fertilizer) once a month, year round to strengthen plants. For complete step by step information please follow label instructions on back of orchid fertilizer