Bristol Kitchens

cookware & kitchen gadgets

It began in the early 1980's when Bristol Farms caused a revolution in the way people shopped for gourmet foods in Southern California. A few years later, our original cookware store, called Cook and Things, opened next to the South Pasadena store. Our customers could now shop for their hard to find groceries, as well as enjoy a full service delicatessen, fresh bakery, premium quality meats, and produce. Our customers could then walk next door and pick up cooking utensils, pots, pans, or anything else they need for meal preparations. Cook and Things has now evolved into what we now call Bristol Kitchens.

The Bristol Kitchens department is a store within a store. It features a great selection of gadgetries, cookware, tabletop linens, top quality stemware, and some other goodies you may not have known you needed. We also offer the seasonal essentials to help make that entertaining event just prefect. Whether you are looking for a functional cooking piece or beautiful dining décor, Bristol Kitchens is your one-stop shop for gourmet cooks and entertainers.


We offer product lines such as RSVP, Joseph Joseph, Chantal, Bodum, Oxo, and Joyce Chen to name a few.