gourmet corn fed beef

The story of Bristol Farms' Natural Beef can be traced all the way back to Holland, where purebred Friesian cattle have been selectively raised for centuries for their superior qualities of wholesomeness, tenderness, and flavor. This same finely controlled cattle lineage is the basis for the modern dairy herds (Holstein). After calving, the females are utilized for milk production and the males are separated out for beef production. The purity of the dairy herds provides for an extremely consistent and breed specific beef program. Yes, we honestly do have control of the animal from stable to table!

The key to the superior taste, texture, and consistency of our natural beef is not only a result of the cattle's heritage, but an all-natural diet developed by a team of respected nutritionists. This diet, free from added hormones and antibiotics, consists of corn, which is supplemented with hay, molasses, protein, vitamins, and minerals to promote superior qualities in the beef. The result is USDA Choice or higher natural beef that is evenly marbled and exceptionally tender and most importantly delicious.

our grass fed/wagyu beef

Wagyu are the Japanese cattle breed that is famous for its nutty-flavored, fat-marbled beef. They're also famous for being housed in small pens ('feedlots'), where they are fed beer and massaged by geishas. We thought this was a bit like keeping fancy battery-caged hens, so our Wagyu are free to roam in large paddocks, socializing in groups, and eating grass for all of their lives - just as cattle are designed to do.

Bristol Farms is proud to offer the ONLY commercial scale producer of grass-fed Wagyu beef, which delivers an eating experience that is always succulent, juicy, and tender. And it tastes great! This is because our cattle are from top bloodlines - our partnership with Wagyu Breeders Limited gives us access to the best Wagyu bulls and cows outside of Japan.

Being grass-fed, our Wagyu beef has a higher Omega 3 content than that of grain-fed beef, making it a healthy choice for discerning meat eaters.

What is Dry-Aged Beef?

Dry-aged beef is a time-honored, respected, and high-quality technique thatís used to create cuts of beef with outstanding flavor and texture coveted by chefs and serious cooks throughout the world. Hereís how itís done:

Unwrapped sub-primals of USDA Prime or Choice beef are placed in a specially constructed, very cold storage locker for up to 30 days. At Bristol Farms, we place our natural beef in a refrigerated locker for 21 days at a temperature of 32 to 34 degrees F., 75-80 percent relative humidity, and an air velocity of 0.5 Ė 2.5 meters per second. Sounds a bit picky, but these three conditions are crucial to the proper aging of beef. This lockerís environment, from temperature to humidity, to air-circulation, lighting, and cleanliness, is strictly regulated to conform to carefully determined standards. Over the duration of the dry-aging process, the beef will lose a significant amount of weight. As it loses moisture, the flavor is allowed to develop, becoming richer and more intense.

At the same time, natural enzymes in the meat break down the muscle tissue, ensuring tenderness that cannot be replicated otherwise. The result is beef that is incomparable in flavor and texture. Dry-aging beef requires very special care, time, and the best quality USDA graded beef available. For this reason, you donít often see retailers taking the extra steps to offer it to their customers.