bristol farms air chilled chicken

Bristol Farms Air-Chilled Chicken is produced by Pitman Farms in Sanger, California. The company’s sustainable farming practices distinguish these chickens from those raised conventionally in this country. Their program has the following attributes:

  • Pitman Farms never administers antibiotics to any of their chickens. In contrast, conventional growers routinely administer antibiotics to their birds.
  • Chickens taste like what they eat and at Pitman Farms the vegetarian diet consists of corn and soybean meal. Conventional feed contains animal fat and animal by-products.
  • The chickens grow from day one to maturity in a stress free environment – spacious custom ranch houses that have natural ventilation and sunlight. The birds are free to roam throughout these barns where a thick layer of rice hulls or wood shavings covers the earthen floor.
  • The chickens receive humane treatment at all times during their lives.
  • The ranchers use sustainable farming methods.
  • Pitman Farms chickens’ are air-chilled.

what is air-chilled?

It is the process by which poultry is cooled after processing. This process is commonplace in Europe.

benefits of air-chilled process

  • No water added
  • Reduced Cross Contamination
  • Locks in Natural Flavor and Juices
  • Reduction of Chlorine absorption
  • 100% Natural
  • Superb Flavor/Texture
  • Clean Process
  • California Raised

pasture raised chickens

Mary's Free-Range California Bronze Air-Chilled Chickens are raised with the highest standards. They are grown on a pasture field in the sunny Central Valley of California. These chickens have places to perch, they are given areas to dust bathe, and they are treated with great respect and compassion.

Mary's Free-Range California Bronze Air-Chilled Chickens are a slower growing breed, taking more time to grow before being sent to market. These chickens live a lifestyle and in an environment that is closest to their natural state. Chickens raised this way taste like chicken used to taste right off the farm. This robust flavor is coveted by chefs worldwide.

Mary's Free-Range California Bronze Air-Chilled Chickens are processed and cooled individually using cold air, rather than the more commonly used method of placing the chickens in a communal bath of water. This air-chilled method prevents the absorption of water, greatly reducing any potential of bacterial cross contamination.

All of Mary's chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring environment on ranches in sunny California. Mary’s Chickens are fed a high quality vegetable protein diet with no animal by-products or additives, and they are never de-beaked. Every effort is made to treat these chickens as humanely as possible throughout the production process.