bristol quality veal

Bristol Farms is proud to offer you the finest veal available today. Veal is a young beef steer. Veal cuts are generally more tender than their beef counterparts and have a milder flavor. We carry exclusively European style milk-fed veal. Many people are opposed to milk-fed veal because in most programs, the calves are confined to small stalls before being harvested. Our calves are allowed to move freely in groups of three or four without the confines of tiny individual stalls.

The differences in how the calves are raised create major differences in the texture and flavor of the veal. Grass fed or weaned veal is darker, meatier, and more like beef. Milk-fed (white veal) is paler in color, much more tender, and milder in flavor. To provide differentiation and extreme quality for our customers, we prefer to offer the milk-fed variety.

our lamb

We, at Bristol Farms, believe we offer the most extensive variety of items to choose from in the marketplace. Our Lambs will NEVER receive any type of growth promoting hormones from the day they are born. They are also fed a strictly vegetarian diet. Like beef, lamb has a rich red color, but the meat is generally stronger tasting (a slight game flavor).

Most lamb sold in the supermarket has been processed when 6 to 12 months old. Animals processed past the first year are labeled mutton (no longer considered lamb). Our lamb is on the younger side of the age spectrum, usually under 60 pounds whole animal weight. This is because younger lamb has a milder flavor that most people prefer. Remember, the only indication of processed age at the supermarket is size. A whole leg of lamb weighing nine pounds is likely to have come from an older animal than a whole leg weighing just six pounds. Our lamb is raised in the United States of America.