quality produce

Anyone who has picked a home grown cucumber or a red ripe tomato from a backyard vine knows that there’s nothing complicated about raising fresh fruits and vegetables. A little soil, sun, and water and Mother Nature will amaze. Our produce experts at Bristol Farms like to say that doing their job often means staying out of the way. Agribusiness, chemicals, and processing plants don't make fresh produce, farmers do. We walk the L.A. Produce Terminal Market daily, making certain that only premium produce makes its way to our shelves. So when you're squeezing a melon at an in-store stand, you're the final step in the selection process, not the first. And whether we're gathering locally grown avocados or importing exotic tropical fruits, our produce folks are constantly shaving minutes from delivery times. Stocking only the freshest of over 400 varieties of fruits and vegetables, both conventionally and organically, ensures that the quality we begin with makes it all the way to your mouth.