Fresh Herbs

Delightful, Delicious Dill

The secret to well-flavored, well-seasoned dishes often lies in the utilization of fresh herbs. Healthy and delicious, herbs are a fantastic way to add flavor—and not a lot of fat or calories—to a wide range of palate-pleasing recipes.

Dill has lovely, wispy green leaves and a soft flavor that's both sweet and lightly tangy. It is a tasty herb that lends interest and variety to a perse assortment of other palate-pleasing, nutritionally beneficial foods. Dill is a delightful enhancement to numerous healthy favorites, and the perfect fit into a balanced diet.

As a source of Iron and bone-protecting Calcium, this tasty herb offers its own nutritional benefits, and makes eating many other extraordinarily healthy foods even more enjoyable. Try enhancing the following five fantastically healthy foods with dill, and get ready to feast on the incredible flavors that keep healthy dining from ever feeling dull.


With their sweet, mellow flavor, satisfying texture and gorgeous color, carrots are perfect for show-stopping side dishes and salads. Plus, their antioxidant compounds help protect against harmful diseases while working to keep your eyes healthy. Carrots and dill make for a winning pair; add them both to a tossed salad, or sprinkle the herb over cooked carrots for a side dish that will perfectly complement any main course.


Crisp, cool and unbelievably refreshing, cucumbers are low in calories, and great for helping you stay hydrated. Peeled and sliced cucumber sprinkled with dill is terrific for an afternoon snack that will keep hunger at bay without weighing you down. Or, dress up sliced tomato, lettuce and sliced cucumber with a sprinkling of dill for a sandwich that's piled high with healthy, fresh fixings.


Whether you're fixing up a light and healthy egg white omelet or a satisfying Saturday morning scramble, eggs are a great source of protein that can help keep you satisfied, and your energy up, all morning long. Serve up your eggs with a sprinkling of dill and some freshly cracked black pepper in place of salt or grated cheese, and you're sure to discover a new morning-meal essential.


Enhance your seafood favorites with fresh dill, and you've got a classic combination that's as healthy as it is flavorful. Whether you love silky ribbons of smoked salmon for breakfast, fresh tuna salad at lunchtime, or a fillet of freshly cooked fish for supper, dill makes any seafood meal more delicious!


Dill helps this popular, healthy source of protein really shine. Used to enhance the flavor of cooked chicken and turkey, it's also a sensational seasoning for homemade chicken salad. Or, combine dill with plain yogurt and ingredients like minced cucumber and garlic for a healthy and delicious tzatziki sauce. A whole-wheat pita wrapped around leftover cooked chicken, fresh veggies and tzatziki equals one scrumptious meal that's great to eat, and good for you too!

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