Fresh Herbs

Wonderful Rosemary

The secret to well-flavored, well-seasoned dishes often lies in the utilization of fresh herbs. Healthy and delicious, herbs are a fantastic way to add flavor—and not a lot of fat or calories—to a wide range of palate-pleasing recipes.

Rosemary is believed to help with concentration, and contains compounds that can be useful for increasing circulation and improving digestion. Rosemary is also a source of dietary fiber, Iron and Calcium. Dietary fiber is crucial for digestive health, while Iron helps the body produce energy; Calcium is key for healthy, strong bones and properly functioning nerves and muscles. And this healthful herb is also fantastic when used to enhance the flavor of a variety of nutritious foods that are terrific for a balanced diet, including:

  • Green beans — an excellent source of vitamin K, which helps bones stay strong
  • Chicken — a versatile favorite, and an excellent source of lean protein
  • Lamb — a delicious source of Zinc, which helps keep the immune system properly functioning
  • Potatoes — hearty and satisfying, and an important source of nutrients like Vitamin C, as well as phytonutrients
  • Turkey — a tasty source of Selenium, which can help protect cells from free-radical damage

Historically, rosemary was regarded as an herb that could help strengthen ones memory. Early on, it was also used to help treat ailments of the nervous system. Today, this fragrant, distinctively pungent herb continues to be prized for its health benefits and the extraordinary way it enhances a range of foods, from fresh vegetables, flavorful breads and egg dishes, to soups, stews and hearty meats and poultry.

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