5 Super-Healthy Snacks

Curb Your Hunger With These Nutritious Noshes!


The perfect snack when you're craving a little crunch. Heart healthy almonds are one of the best plant sources of protein, and their delicious, delicate flavor makes them a tasty addition to savory and sweet dishes, from salads to trail mix. Convenient and easy to enjoy on the go, they're also great in recipes: sprinkle chopped almonds atop sautéed veggies or pasta for extra flavor and crunch!


Crisp and delicious, apples range from super-sweet to tantalizingly tart, and their versatility is just one of the many things to love about them. Fresh apples are a source of fiber and Flavonoids, as well as Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps protect against cell damage.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are another convenient and healthy snack that both kids and adults enjoy. Carrots' antioxidant compounds are believed to help protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, and also promote good vision. They are delicious eaten plain for a healthy and simple snack, and even better with your favorite dip. Try baby carrots dipped in hummus or peanut butter; the combination of fiber and protein will provide a snack that really satisfies.


A sweet, low-calorie source of fiber and Vitamin C, and believed to help promote healthy aging, blueberries are a treat you can feel great about indulging in. Pack them for a snack, or enjoy them as part of a nutritious breakfast; sprinkled over oatmeal, whole grain pancakes or yogurt, they're simply sensational.

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