an extraordinary introduction

See what's been added to our aisles!

We are dedicated to keeping your taste buds satisfied. Bristol Farms selects only the best and most exceptional products for you to explore. Find them here in our Extraordinary Introduction.

Bristol's Own Private Label Tortillas

Our tortillas are made fresh with no preservatives, using traditional recipes from old world Latin America. Tortillas are rolled in single serving size dough balls, formed and then flame cooked on a “comal” (cooking plate) – the traditional process used for centuries. Signature to this process is the fluffy texture with the occasional burn point that visually distinguishes our tortillas on the shelf. Only with this process can a tortilla truly deliver the great artisan taste that connoisseurs and neophytes alike will enjoy.

Bristol's Own Private Label Wraps

Our wraps combine traditional Latin-inspired flavors with classic European Mediterranean ingredients to create a new and inspiring flat bread to use with your own traditional family sandwich recipes. Serve hot or cold as a wrap for your meal or add olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and salt then place the wrap in a conventional oven at 350° for 5 minutes to make the perfect appetizer. With these products, Bristol Farms aims to deliver the very best from our ovens to your table.

Bristol Farms Organic Salad Blends

Working with our local partner, Kentor Canyon Farms, Bristol Farms is proud to offer our very own line of locally grown, organic salad blends. Grown in the fertile soil along the Santa Clara River, we have been bringing you the finest lettuces and freshest herbs for over ten years. From spring mix, baby spinach, and baby romaine, to arugula, herb salad, and frisee, our goal is to have our salad blends on your plate within 24 hours of being freshly picked.

Energy Salads in our Deli

Perfect for summer, we're proud to introduce our line of new delicious and healthy Energy Salads. Packed with protein and fiber, these salads are light on your diet but satisfy your hunger. Try them in the following varieties:
• Wheatberry Salad
• Italian Salad with Middle Eastern couscous
• Quinoa Salad
• Edamame Tofu Salad